D&RG / D&RGW Silverton Branch History

Silverton Branch Facts
From: Durango, CO
To: Silverton, CO
Miles: 45.2
Built: 1881-82 (NG)

Silverton, CO is a small town high in the San Juan mountains (just over 9300 feet!) that started its existence in 1860 with Charles Baker's discovery of gold in the area. However, it wasn't until the 1873 treaty with the local Native American tribe, the Utes, opened the whole area to settlement. Even then, being in the high mountains without any easy route to market, large-scale mining wasn't yet practical. However, a wagon road in opened in 1879 provided some access, and prospectors quickly realized the potential held by the area - not in the gold originally sought by Baker, but primarily in silver, hence the town's name.

Eager to tap this revenue, the Rio Grande built the San Juan Extension with the Silverton Branch - 45 miles of track - being the final leg from the mainline at Durango to the mines at Silverton. Started in October of 1881, the line was completed in a short 9 months. This is really quite incredible, considering the rockwork that needed to be done in order to pass through the lower Animas River canyon (along what today is called the High Line). Parts of this construction cost nearly $1000/foot, a notable sum when railroad cars were a few hundred each and a new locomotive was only around $4500. By early July 1882, the line was complete, and mining in the area boomed. At one point, over forty mines operated in the hills above town, shipping both their products and their supplies over the Rio Grande and three small feeder railroads that connected Silverton to the mines. Thousands of tons of ore flowed south from Silverton to the American Smelting and Refining smelter at Durango, located south across the river from the roundhouse. Supplies for the mines and miners flowed north by the trainload. Those supplies coming in, and the refined metals going out both flowed over the San Juan Extension to reach the rest of the US railroad network. Business was good, at least for a while.

By 1890, under pressure from mining interests and debtors seeking an inflationary panacea to their problems, the Sherman Silver Purchase Act was signed into law, which obligated the government to buy 281,250 pounds of silver every month at market rates, and established that currency could be redeemed for either gold or silver (the US was taken off a bimetal gold/silver standard in 1875). Instantly silver doubled in value with the new demand coming online and consuming nearly the entire silver output for the country. It didn't stay at that price, though, but continued to drop as silver production continued to increase. Because of this, in the end the plan backfired because the dropping silver prices instilling fear with investors, particularly foreign ones, that the value of a dollar would drop significantly due to the greater percentage of less-valuable silver backing the currency than gold. This eventually lead to the Silver Panic of 1893. Pointing to the Sherman Act and silver as the primary cause, President Grover Cleveland and the Congress immediately immediately repealed the act in mid-1893. The silver mining industry crashed, having overextended itself during the three boom years and now being stuck with the price of silver plummeting back to below its pre-1890 levels. This event marked the end of the silver booms across the American West, and with it much of the mining traffic from Silverton.

By 1895, metal prices had started to rebound, and many of the mines at Silverton had found gold ore in sufficient quantities to remain viable. In 1897, some half of the output of Silverton's mines was gold, with the rest being lead, zinc, silver and copper. The big boom started with a huge gold strike at the Sunnyside Mine in 1899, and subsequent nearby strikes. While actually somewhat north of Silverton, the town was the established base for commerce in the area and still at the head of the only link to the outside world - the D&RG. After 1910, though, many of the mines played out or were closed due to environmental problems (flooding, washouts, mudslides, avalanches, etc.) Before World War I, there was a brief increase in zinc mining, but even this lasted only a short time. The Silverton Branch's glory years for freight traffic were quickly fading.

As time went on and the mining activities decreased, agriculture and timber became the dominant commodities. These, however, largely did not move over the Silverton Branch. In 1905, the Farmington Branch was constructed south from Durango to the ranching and farming areas around its namesake Farmington, NM. The Pagosa Branch was responsible for much of the lumber that moved over the route. The Silverton Branch, once the moneymaker of the route, was slowly slipping towards insignificance. By the 1940s, World War II brought a little relief to most of the San Juan Extension from a temporary increase in mining - not for silver or gold this time, but for copper, zinc, and uranium. The Silverton Branch was considered for scrap by the US Government, seeking materials for rehabilitating the White Pass & Yukon as part of the war effort.1 While this requisition was apparently successfully challenged and ore traffic resumed to virtually non-existent levels, civilian abandonment of the Durango-Silverton segment became a real possibility.

By 1951, the whole of the San Juan Extension was in danger as well, with traffic down to a trickle, replaced largely by new highways into the region. Even the Rio Grande was shifting freight traffic from the narrow gauge to Rio Grande Motorways, its rubber-tired subsidiary. On 1-Feb-1951, passenger service on the line from Alamosa to Durango ended with the demise of the line's through passenger service, the San Juan. In 1952, Durango's other railroad connection to the outside world, the Rio Grande Southern (running up the west side of the San Juans to Ridgway and the D&RGW connection), was scrapped. Finally, the D&RGW asked the ICC for permission to abandon the Silverton Branch in 1961. The response in 1962, however, didn't go the railroad's way - the ICC demanded that the Grande continue service on the branch.

Through the 1960s, the regular train between Durango and Silverton, appropriately enough called The Silverton, was on the rebound. Through a general rise in tourism after WWII (made possible in part by the very highways killing the narrow gauge), the dedicated promotional efforts of a few individuals (most notably D&RGW conductor Alva Lyons), some small amount of marketing by the D&RGW, and its appearance in several Hollywood movies, tourist ridership on the Silverton train began to rebound, in stark contrast to the rest of the narrow gauge system.

The link to the outside world was severed in September of 1970, as the abandonment of the San Juan Extension got underway. Scrapping started at Chama and working west on 20-Sep-1970, and by a year later, nearly the entire line was gone. The Silverton Branch continued on, though, operating as the last isolated corner of Rio Grande narrow gauge.

On 25-Mar-1881, the Grande did finally manage to rid itself of the narrow gauge - not through abandonment, but via a $2.2 million sale to Charles Bradshaw, Jr. of Orlando, Florida. Bradshaw's company rebranded the line to the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, and immediately started working to grow the line's passenger base. One of the first improvements was the strengthening of a few bridges to handle the increased weight of K-36s, a change from the K-27s that had been running the line for years. This would allow them to run longer and heavier trains to Silverton, hauling more passengers.

After being built into a tremendous success of an operation, the line was sold again in 1998 to American Heritage Railways, under the control of Allen Harper. That relationship continues today. For those interested in riding the line, see the official Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad website.


1 "The Month", Trains, July 1942 p50.

Silverton Branch Timetable Information

Silverton Branch Timetable (Narrow Gauge 1881-Present)

451.3Durango, COTGWCTNConnection to San Juan Extension
457.3Home Ranch (new)1000 ft1000 ft siding, built 1982 by DSNG
457.9Home Ranch (old) Cattle loading spur, abandoned years ago
600 ft
Wye removed
465.8Pinkerton 700 ft siding, built 1982 by DSNG
1200 ft/Yard
~470High LineThe famous High Line
472.3Tacoma900 ftSpur to hydro plant 1902-1911
474.0Ah Wilderness? 
474.6Tank CreekW
475.3Tall Timber ResortOfficial Resort Website
477.6Cascade CanyonYWye built 1982 by DSNG
600 ft
Tank at 484.4
490.5Elk ParkTGY
491.7Whitehead GulchW~1920-1960
494.2Silverton TankWTorn down 1924
496.9Silverton, COY
Connection to Silverton Northern
Connection to Silverton Railroad
Connection to Silverton, Gladstone & Northerly
Durango & Silverton Interactive Route Map

(:map-point lat=37.275280 lon=-107.880067 title='Durango, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 451.5<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.DurangoCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/Durango_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=10 :)

(:map-point lat=37.34114 lon=-107.85219 title='Home Ranch, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 457.3<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.HomeRanchCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/HomeRanch_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=11 :)

(:map-point lat=37.390279 lon=-107.846455 title='Trimble, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 460.7<br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.TrimbleCO">History</a>' fromto='N' zoom=11 :)

(:map-point lat=37.415278 lon=-107.835344 title='Hermosa, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 462.5<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.HermosaCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/Hermosa_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=10 :)

(:map-point lat=37.45337 lon=-107.80656 title='Pinkerton, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 465.8<br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.PinkertonCO">History</a>' fromto='N' zoom=11 :)

(:map-point lat=37.48339 lon=-107.80950 title='Shalona' text='<br />D&RGW MP ~468<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.ShalonaCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/Shalona_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=11 :)

(:map-point lat=37.490833 lon=-107.802010 title='Rockwood, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 469.1<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.RockwoodCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/Rockwood_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=10 :)

(:map-point lat=37.49873 lon=-107.79058 title='The High Line' text='<br />D&RGW MP ~470<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.HighLine">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/HighLine_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=11 :)

(:map-point lat=37.523610 lon=-107.782010 title='Tacoma, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 472.2<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.TacomaCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/Tacoma_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=11 :)

(:map-point lat=37.557777 lon=-107.780620 title='Tank Creek, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 472.3<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.TankCreekCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/TankCreek_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=10 :)

(:map-point lat=37.59546 lon=-107.77504 title='Cascade Canyon / Tefft' text='<br />D&RGW MP 477.8<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.CascadeCanyonCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/CascadeCanyon_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=10 :)

(:map-point lat=37.640554 lon=-107.691451 title='Needleton, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 484.0<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.NeedletonCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/Needleton_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=10 :)

(:map-point lat=37.727220 lon=-107.657006 title='Elk Park, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 490.5<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.ElkParkCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/ElkPark_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=10 :)

(:map-point lat=37.811941 lon=-107.664506 title='Silverton, CO' text='<br />D&RGW MP 496.7<br /><img src=" align=left" style="margin:4px;" ><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/info/index.php?n=Main.SilvertonCO">History</a><br /><a href="http://www.drgw.net/gallery/Silverton_CO">Photos</a>' fromto='N' zoom=10 :)

(:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.655437 lat=37.728027 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.659033 lat=37.732033:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.660414 lat=37.733246:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.660558 lat=37.733544:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.660499 lat=37.734917:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.660870 lat=37.738303:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.660810 lat=37.740407:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.660981 lat=37.742237:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661182 lat=37.742878:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661349 lat=37.744125:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661440 lat=37.744800:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661670 lat=37.745372:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.662101 lat=37.745876:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.662447 lat=37.746516:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.662504 lat=37.747043:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.662388 lat=37.747637:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661348 lat=37.749810:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661302 lat=37.749997:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661146 lat=37.750634:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661117 lat=37.751183:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661347 lat=37.751732:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.661548 lat=37.751938:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.662267 lat=37.753769:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.662093 lat=37.754844:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.662207 lat=37.755302:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.663301 lat=37.756263:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.663531 lat=37.757476:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.664078 lat=37.758277:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.664797 lat=37.758964:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.665200 lat=37.759445:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.665603 lat=37.760657:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.666233 lat=37.763975:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.666175 lat=37.764433:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.666031 lat=37.764730:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.665339 lat=37.765508:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.664646 lat=37.766560:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.664039 lat=37.768916:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.663461 lat=37.770174:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.662941 lat=37.771729:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.662912 lat=37.772141:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.663055 lat=37.772599:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.664494 lat=37.774704:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.664465 lat=37.775025:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.664424 lat=37.775117:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.664032 lat=37.775985:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.666714 lat=37.780645:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.666996 lat=37.781135:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.667140 lat=37.781638:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.667053 lat=37.782050:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.666446 lat=37.783514:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.666532 lat=37.783948:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.667396 lat=37.785413:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.667453 lat=37.785756:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.667308 lat=37.786763:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.667625 lat=37.787610:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.667912 lat=37.788849:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.668658 lat=37.792072:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.670065 lat=37.799279:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.670064 lat=37.800148:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.669984 lat=37.800346:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.669908 lat=37.800537:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.669718 lat=37.801018:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.669671 lat=37.801055:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.668967 lat=37.801612:) (:map-line id=3669 lon=-107.667351 lat=37.803236:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.798691 lat=37.491140 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.793465 lat=37.490961:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.793035 lat=37.491098:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.792691 lat=37.491487:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.792318 lat=37.492105:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.791916 lat=37.492288:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.791428 lat=37.492266:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790682 lat=37.492335:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790194 lat=37.492747:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790051 lat=37.492976:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790799 lat=37.494394:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790598 lat=37.495218:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790485 lat=37.496270:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790830 lat=37.497505:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790831 lat=37.498032:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790602 lat=37.499038:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790373 lat=37.499327:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.790057 lat=37.499464:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.789196 lat=37.499556:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.788018 lat=37.499511:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.787071 lat=37.499500:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.786823 lat=37.500000:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.786134 lat=37.501167:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.785676 lat=37.502586:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.785792 lat=37.505468:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.785706 lat=37.506132:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.785477 lat=37.506887:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.785506 lat=37.507207:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.786195 lat=37.508717:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.786311 lat=37.509403:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.786254 lat=37.510570:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.786239 lat=37.510604:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.785823 lat=37.511577:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.785738 lat=37.512469:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.785480 lat=37.513316:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.783500 lat=37.518326:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.783415 lat=37.520659:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.782733 lat=37.521875:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.782439 lat=37.522398:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.782152 lat=37.522810:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.781607 lat=37.524435:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.779225 lat=37.529080:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.778048 lat=37.530269:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777991 lat=37.530773:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.778134 lat=37.531162:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.778049 lat=37.532031:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777387 lat=37.533450:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777618 lat=37.534982:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777992 lat=37.535920:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.778050 lat=37.537430:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777562 lat=37.539467:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777506 lat=37.541663:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777448 lat=37.542624:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.776874 lat=37.543562:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.776788 lat=37.544042:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777019 lat=37.546124:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777939 lat=37.549007:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.778141 lat=37.550105:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.778055 lat=37.551661:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777998 lat=37.552438:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.779972 lat=37.557685:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.780012 lat=37.557791:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.779840 lat=37.558844:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.780071 lat=37.560560:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.779612 lat=37.563374:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.779757 lat=37.565021:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.780534 lat=37.569070:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.780477 lat=37.569573:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.779817 lat=37.571587:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.778955 lat=37.572342:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777662 lat=37.573075:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.776628 lat=37.574173:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.776398 lat=37.574768:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.776197 lat=37.576118:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.776140 lat=37.577170:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.776244 lat=37.578024:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.776458 lat=37.579778:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.776947 lat=37.581128:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777349 lat=37.581585:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.778155 lat=37.582157:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.779448 lat=37.582774:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.780311 lat=37.583117:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.781116 lat=37.583552:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.781720 lat=37.584009:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.781921 lat=37.584398:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.781951 lat=37.585221:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.781290 lat=37.586228:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.778129 lat=37.590302:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777268 lat=37.593093:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.777067 lat=37.593436:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.775831 lat=37.594557:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.774538 lat=37.596228:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.773179 lat=37.598416:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.772821 lat=37.598861:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.771923 lat=37.599980:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.771377 lat=37.600324:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.770601 lat=37.600484:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.767582 lat=37.600668:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.766863 lat=37.600851:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.765109 lat=37.601812:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.760969 lat=37.604558:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.760107 lat=37.605222:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.759532 lat=37.605519:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.758755 lat=37.605771:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.756800 lat=37.606114:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.755448 lat=37.606755:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.754815 lat=37.606892:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.752313 lat=37.607030:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.751911 lat=37.607213:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.750790 lat=37.608632:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.750619 lat=37.608825:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.749151 lat=37.610485:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.747368 lat=37.611949:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.743974 lat=37.613368:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.742019 lat=37.613962:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.740983 lat=37.614122:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.736497 lat=37.614511:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.734282 lat=37.615152:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.732212 lat=37.615266:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.732154 lat=37.615252:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.730544 lat=37.614854:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.729307 lat=37.614122:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.728301 lat=37.613824:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.726489 lat=37.614076:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.725080 lat=37.614785:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.724504 lat=37.615334:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.722893 lat=37.616042:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.722261 lat=37.616225:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.721254 lat=37.616340:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.720621 lat=37.616545:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.720017 lat=37.616957:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.719499 lat=37.617186:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.718752 lat=37.617231:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.715185 lat=37.616498:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.714494 lat=37.616544:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.712021 lat=37.617138:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.710870 lat=37.617596:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.710237 lat=37.618099:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.708080 lat=37.619356:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.707562 lat=37.619745:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.706497 lat=37.620980:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.705605 lat=37.622193:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.705346 lat=37.622353:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.704080 lat=37.622627:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.703447 lat=37.622878:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.702785 lat=37.623404:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.701412 lat=37.624999:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.700915 lat=37.625577:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.699792 lat=37.626469:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.698382 lat=37.628070:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.697749 lat=37.628665:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.697116 lat=37.629053:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.696684 lat=37.629671:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.696108 lat=37.630929:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.694870 lat=37.632255:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.692567 lat=37.634199:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.692222 lat=37.634679:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.691904 lat=37.636693:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.691990 lat=37.637699:) (:map-line id=3717 lon=-107.691853 lat=37.639578:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804260 lat=37.490725 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804805 lat=37.490267:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805006 lat=37.489946:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805063 lat=37.489626:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804675 lat=37.488702:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804545 lat=37.488391:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804458 lat=37.487430:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804629 lat=37.486446:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804801 lat=37.486103:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805288 lat=37.485736:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806294 lat=37.485781:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807701 lat=37.486055:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.808419 lat=37.486032:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.809193 lat=37.485573:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.809423 lat=37.485322:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.809479 lat=37.484040:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.809449 lat=37.483424:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.809439 lat=37.483216:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.809361 lat=37.481638:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.808957 lat=37.479602:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.808468 lat=37.478756:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806484 lat=37.476630:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805851 lat=37.475624:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805391 lat=37.475121:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804471 lat=37.473566:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804355 lat=37.473177:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804584 lat=37.472536:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.804814 lat=37.472376:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805904 lat=37.472192:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806277 lat=37.472055:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806736 lat=37.471505:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806793 lat=37.471185:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806678 lat=37.470819:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806505 lat=37.470613:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806476 lat=37.469858:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806705 lat=37.469126:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806704 lat=37.468737:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806560 lat=37.468531:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805498 lat=37.467937:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805181 lat=37.467320:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805181 lat=37.466999:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.805725 lat=37.466130:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807416 lat=37.463955:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807501 lat=37.463246:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807328 lat=37.461896:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807929 lat=37.460569:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807957 lat=37.460203:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807842 lat=37.459860:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807325 lat=37.459174:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807209 lat=37.458464:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807353 lat=37.458061:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807495 lat=37.457686:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807696 lat=37.457389:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807753 lat=37.457046:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807407 lat=37.456062:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807234 lat=37.455101:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806573 lat=37.453935:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.806572 lat=37.453226:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.807345 lat=37.451647:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.809057 lat=37.443386:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.809143 lat=37.442929:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.809801 lat=37.441624:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.810115 lat=37.440045:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.810630 lat=37.439244:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.813035 lat=37.434736:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.815901 lat=37.432354:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.816703 lat=37.431209:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.816874 lat=37.430294:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.816901 lat=37.429585:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.817044 lat=37.429310:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.817990 lat=37.428783:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.819110 lat=37.428416:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.819568 lat=37.428096:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.820313 lat=37.427272:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.820628 lat=37.427088:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.821803 lat=37.425760:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.823006 lat=37.424295:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.823522 lat=37.423974:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.826016 lat=37.423080:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.827191 lat=37.422416:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.828022 lat=37.421751:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.828710 lat=37.421431:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.830401 lat=37.420880:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.831203 lat=37.419758:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.833353 lat=37.418818:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.833668 lat=37.418543:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.833983 lat=37.418086:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.834245 lat=37.417264:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.834268 lat=37.417193:) (:map-line id=3718 lon=-107.834583 lat=37.416598:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.835612 lat=37.414424 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.835824 lat=37.413974:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.836811 lat=37.411877:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.839914 lat=37.405285:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.841938 lat=37.400988:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.847152 lat=37.389914:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.847617 lat=37.388927:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850188 lat=37.383502:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850444 lat=37.382106:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850767 lat=37.375001:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.851434 lat=37.360330:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.851490 lat=37.359098:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.851907 lat=37.349923:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.852048 lat=37.346827:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.852153 lat=37.344129:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.852501 lat=37.335220:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.852543 lat=37.334153:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.851966 lat=37.331637:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.851317 lat=37.329366:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850986 lat=37.328206:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850668 lat=37.326308:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850562 lat=37.324880:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850387 lat=37.322533:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850351 lat=37.322043:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850251 lat=37.320702:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850141 lat=37.319216:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850155 lat=37.319104:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850293 lat=37.318021:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850376 lat=37.317366:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.850537 lat=37.316104:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.851109 lat=37.315120:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.852252 lat=37.313746:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.853138 lat=37.312624:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.854395 lat=37.310655:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.854738 lat=37.310312:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.855396 lat=37.309854:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.856083 lat=37.309533:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.857371 lat=37.309097:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.858401 lat=37.308409:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.859489 lat=37.307658:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.860360 lat=37.306971:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.862652 lat=37.305165:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.864225 lat=37.303927:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.864535 lat=37.303683:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.865180 lat=37.303186:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.865545 lat=37.302979:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.865666 lat=37.302910:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.867669 lat=37.302199:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.868499 lat=37.301512:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.868537 lat=37.301445:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.869309 lat=37.300075:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.870525 lat=37.297917:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.870867 lat=37.296979:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.871152 lat=37.295949:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.871139 lat=37.295826:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.870977 lat=37.294279:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.870572 lat=37.292084:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.870599 lat=37.291123:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.870769 lat=37.290299:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.871026 lat=37.289795:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.871368 lat=37.289360:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.872195 lat=37.287437:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.872564 lat=37.285352:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.872659 lat=37.284812:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.873159 lat=37.281991:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.873559 lat=37.281510:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.875622 lat=37.280488:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.875841 lat=37.280379:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.876158 lat=37.280222:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.877486 lat=37.279516:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.878650 lat=37.278988:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.879004 lat=37.278765:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.879112 lat=37.278696:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.879851 lat=37.278231:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.880111 lat=37.277922:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.880450 lat=37.277521:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.880836 lat=37.276696:) (:map-line id=3719 lon=-107.880878 lat=37.276606:) (:map-line id=3720 lon=-107.880878 lat=37.276606 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3720 lon=-107.881174 lat=37.275765:) (:map-line id=3720 lon=-107.881960 lat=37.273533:) (:map-line id=3720 lon=-107.882159 lat=37.272966:) (:map-line id=3721 lon=-107.880878 lat=37.276606 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3721 lon=-107.881307 lat=37.276239:) (:map-line id=3721 lon=-107.881553 lat=37.275877:) (:map-line id=3721 lon=-107.881649 lat=37.275735:) (:map-line id=3721 lon=-107.882019 lat=37.274614:) (:map-line id=3721 lon=-107.882247 lat=37.273996:) (:map-line id=3721 lon=-107.882229 lat=37.273591:) (:map-line id=3721 lon=-107.882217 lat=37.273332:) (:map-line id=3721 lon=-107.882159 lat=37.272966:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.880878 lat=37.276606 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.880791 lat=37.275965:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.880883 lat=37.275679:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.881599 lat=37.273455:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.881951 lat=37.272362:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.882282 lat=37.271331:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.882627 lat=37.270260:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.882668 lat=37.270132:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.882639 lat=37.269420:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.882323 lat=37.268757:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.881288 lat=37.267650:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.881233 lat=37.267591:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.880313 lat=37.265758:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.879513 lat=37.264174:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.879437 lat=37.263963:) (:map-line id=3722 lon=-107.879409 lat=37.263598:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.883237 lat=37.267818 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884605 lat=37.268806:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884853 lat=37.269030:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884981 lat=37.269206:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.885109 lat=37.269366:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.885306 lat=37.269569:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.885554 lat=37.270561:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.885351 lat=37.271680:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884832 lat=37.273160:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884674 lat=37.273377:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884517 lat=37.273511:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884420 lat=37.273596:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884349 lat=37.273662:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884197 lat=37.273798:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.884009 lat=37.273993:) (:map-line id=3723 lon=-107.883936 lat=37.274062:) (:map-line id=3724 lon=-107.881719 lat=37.267476 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3724 lon=-107.881030 lat=37.266448:) (:map-line id=3724 lon=-107.880915 lat=37.266196:) (:map-line id=3725 lon=-107.880915 lat=37.266196 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3725 lon=-107.881603 lat=37.266790:) (:map-line id=3725 lon=-107.883237 lat=37.267818:) (:map-line id=3726 lon=-107.880915 lat=37.266196 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3726 lon=-107.880361 lat=37.265022:) (:map-line id=3726 lon=-107.880025 lat=37.264302:) (:map-line id=3726 lon=-107.879409 lat=37.263598:) (:map-line id=3727 lon=-107.883069 lat=37.269923 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3727 lon=-107.882981 lat=37.268962:) (:map-line id=3727 lon=-107.882149 lat=37.267979:) (:map-line id=3727 lon=-107.881719 lat=37.267476:) (:map-line id=3728 lon=-107.883069 lat=37.269923 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3728 lon=-107.883439 lat=37.268778:) (:map-line id=3728 lon=-107.883439 lat=37.268664:) (:map-line id=3729 lon=-107.883439 lat=37.268664 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3729 lon=-107.883209 lat=37.268252:) (:map-line id=3729 lon=-107.882578 lat=37.267864:) (:map-line id=3729 lon=-107.882120 lat=37.267705:) (:map-line id=3729 lon=-107.881891 lat=37.267499:) (:map-line id=3729 lon=-107.881719 lat=37.267476:) (:map-line id=3730 lon=-107.883439 lat=37.268664 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3730 lon=-107.883381 lat=37.268183:) (:map-line id=3730 lon=-107.883237 lat=37.267818:) (:map-line id=3731 lon=-107.882159 lat=37.272966 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3731 lon=-107.882318 lat=37.272432:) (:map-line id=3731 lon=-107.882624 lat=37.271412:) (:map-line id=3731 lon=-107.882951 lat=37.270318:) (:map-line id=3731 lon=-107.883000 lat=37.270156:) (:map-line id=3731 lon=-107.883069 lat=37.269923:) (:map-line id=3734 lon=-107.834583 lat=37.416598 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3734 lon=-107.835217 lat=37.415257:) (:map-line id=3734 lon=-107.835612 lat=37.414424:) (:map-line id=3735 lon=-107.834583 lat=37.416598 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3735 lon=-107.834410 lat=37.416209:) (:map-line id=3735 lon=-107.834782 lat=37.415317:) (:map-line id=3735 lon=-107.835039 lat=37.414630:) (:map-line id=3735 lon=-107.835612 lat=37.414424:) (:map-line id=3736 lon=-107.798691 lat=37.491140 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3736 lon=-107.802843 lat=37.490954:) (:map-line id=3736 lon=-107.803830 lat=37.490862:) (:map-line id=3736 lon=-107.804260 lat=37.490725:) (:map-line id=3737 lon=-107.798691 lat=37.491140 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3737 lon=-107.799408 lat=37.490819:) (:map-line id=3737 lon=-107.800585 lat=37.490704:) (:map-line id=3737 lon=-107.802566 lat=37.490657:) (:map-line id=3737 lon=-107.803107 lat=37.490665:) (:map-line id=3737 lon=-107.804059 lat=37.490679:) (:map-line id=3737 lon=-107.804260 lat=37.490725:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.691853 lat=37.639578 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.691844 lat=37.639713:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.691556 lat=37.641131:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.691670 lat=37.642550:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.691554 lat=37.642984:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.689999 lat=37.645020:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.689884 lat=37.646048:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.689739 lat=37.646460:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.688904 lat=37.647421:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.688616 lat=37.647992:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.688760 lat=37.648839:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.688702 lat=37.649228:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.688471 lat=37.649640:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.684382 lat=37.653779:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.682424 lat=37.655311:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.681791 lat=37.656065:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.681358 lat=37.656980:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.679802 lat=37.659428:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.679369 lat=37.661006:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.679254 lat=37.661532:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.679827 lat=37.664644:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.679826 lat=37.665216:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.679625 lat=37.665673:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.679164 lat=37.666314:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.677752 lat=37.667365:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.676427 lat=37.668188:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.675851 lat=37.668669:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.675563 lat=37.669057:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.675446 lat=37.670682:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.673486 lat=37.673678:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.672968 lat=37.674066:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.672622 lat=37.674524:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.672189 lat=37.675645:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.671786 lat=37.676171:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.670835 lat=37.676994:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.670201 lat=37.677931:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.669654 lat=37.678411:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.668531 lat=37.679166:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.667955 lat=37.679394:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.667321 lat=37.679806:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.666716 lat=37.679965:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.665133 lat=37.680010:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.664615 lat=37.680239:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.661994 lat=37.681793:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.658796 lat=37.684193:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.658306 lat=37.684879:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.658103 lat=37.685657:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.657901 lat=37.686045:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.657527 lat=37.686434:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.656978 lat=37.687601:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.656834 lat=37.688127:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.656862 lat=37.688699:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.657321 lat=37.690049:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.657321 lat=37.690621:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.657205 lat=37.690987:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.657463 lat=37.691605:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.657866 lat=37.692063:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.658412 lat=37.693253:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.659130 lat=37.694420:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.659072 lat=37.695427:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.659099 lat=37.696822:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.659789 lat=37.697829:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.659960 lat=37.698882:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.659960 lat=37.699477:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.659815 lat=37.699957:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.659037 lat=37.701032:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.658979 lat=37.701490:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.659093 lat=37.702473:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.658515 lat=37.703892:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.658486 lat=37.704418:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.658686 lat=37.705722:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.658398 lat=37.706134:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.656525 lat=37.707642:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.655602 lat=37.708740:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.654476 lat=37.710775:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.654245 lat=37.712056:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.653234 lat=37.714481:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.653002 lat=37.715899:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.653023 lat=37.716308:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.653143 lat=37.718622:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.653487 lat=37.720109:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.653948 lat=37.722072:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.654003 lat=37.722306:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.654117 lat=37.723107:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.653883 lat=37.726058:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.654257 lat=37.726562:) (:map-line id=3738 lon=-107.654516 lat=37.726791:) (:map-line id=3739 lon=-107.654516 lat=37.726791 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3739 lon=-107.655437 lat=37.728027:) (:map-line id=3740 lon=-107.654516 lat=37.726791 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=3740 lon=-107.654401 lat=37.727019:) (:map-line id=3740 lon=-107.654602 lat=37.727500:) (:map-line id=3740 lon=-107.654746 lat=37.727797:) (:map-line id=3740 lon=-107.655120 lat=37.728004:) (:map-line id=3740 lon=-107.655437 lat=37.728027:) (:map-line id=4125 lon=-107.665158 lat=37.805476 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4125 lon=-107.664235 lat=37.806322:) (:map-line id=4126 lon=-107.667322 lat=37.804311 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4126 lon=-107.668283 lat=37.804758:) (:map-line id=4126 lon=-107.670031 lat=37.805571:) (:map-line id=4127 lon=-107.665158 lat=37.805476 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4127 lon=-107.665244 lat=37.806254:) (:map-line id=4127 lon=-107.664436 lat=37.807032:) (:map-line id=4127 lon=-107.664003 lat=37.807054:) (:map-line id=4128 lon=-107.667351 lat=37.803236 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4128 lon=-107.666110 lat=37.804493:) (:map-line id=4129 lon=-107.666110 lat=37.804493 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4129 lon=-107.665158 lat=37.805476:) (:map-line id=4130 lon=-107.667351 lat=37.803236 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4130 lon=-107.667264 lat=37.804105:) (:map-line id=4130 lon=-107.667322 lat=37.804311:) (:map-line id=4131 lon=-107.667322 lat=37.804311 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4131 lon=-107.666543 lat=37.804356:) (:map-line id=4131 lon=-107.666110 lat=37.804493:) (:map-line id=4132 lon=-107.664235 lat=37.806322 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4132 lon=-107.662907 lat=37.807717:) (:map-line id=4133 lon=-107.664003 lat=37.807054 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4133 lon=-107.663368 lat=37.807695:) (:map-line id=4133 lon=-107.662907 lat=37.807717:) (:map-line id=4134 lon=-107.664235 lat=37.806322 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4134 lon=-107.664321 lat=37.806711:) (:map-line id=4134 lon=-107.664003 lat=37.807054:) (:map-line id=4135 lon=-107.662907 lat=37.807717 color='#ff0000' opacity=90 thickness=2 :) (:map-line id=4135 lon=-107.662720 lat=37.807890:) (:map-line id=4135 lon=-107.661798 lat=37.808742:) (:map-line id=4135 lon=-107.661695 lat=37.808838:) (:map-line id=4135 lon=-107.661463 lat=37.809592:) (:map-line id=4135 lon=-107.661780 lat=37.810096:) (:map-display width='99%' height='575px' ctrl='small,-overview' lat=37.536847 lon=-107.769278 zoom=10 :)

Silverton Branch Links

The official Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad website
DRGW.Net's page on the Durango & Silverton
Nathan's Trip Reports from visiting the D&S:

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