The Silverton, Gladstone & Northerly Railroad

The Silverton, Gladstone & Northerly Railroad was one of four narrow gauge lines operating out of Silverton, CO during its heyday. The main feeder route was the Denver & Rio Grande's Silverton Branch out to Durango. The Silverton Branch arrived in Silverton in early July 1882. The three other roads - the Silverton Railroad, the Silverton Northern, and the Silverton, Gladstone & Northerly - sprung up as feeder lines. These feeders would bring supplies up to the mines in the surrounding hills and to bring ore back to the Grande for shipment to the smelters in Durango.

The SG&N was originally promoted by the Gold King Mining Company to serve their interests along Cement Creek, running from Silverton up towards Gladstone. Construction began in the spring of 1899 and all 7.5 miles of line to Gladstone were complete by July 21 of that year.

Unlike the other two roads out of Silverton, Otto Mears was not initially involved in this one. However, in 1910, Mears and associates leased both the Gold King mine and the SG&N (operated through his Silverton Northern). On 10-Jun-1915, the Silverton Northern bought it outright, consolidating all three roads under Mears control. Traffic dwindled and service became sporadic, and eventually the line was abandoned sometime between 1923 and 1926.

Silverton, Gladstone & Northerly RR Steam Locomotive Roster
Unit NumMfgr.WeightWheelsSerialBuiltNotes
SG&N 32Baldwin56k lbs2-8-051851880Built as D&RG 77 "Rinconida"
To D&RGW 77 1886
To RGS 32 during Nov 1891
To SG&N 32 1899
Scrapped circa 1911
Boiler used for sawmill near Tefft, still there
SG&N 33Baldwin56k lbs2-8-052251880Built as D&RG 78 "Sandia"
To D&RGW 77 1886
To RGS 33 during Nov 1891
To SG&N 33 1900
Scrapped 1923
SG&N 34Baldwin88k lbs2-8-0241301904SG&N 34 in 1904
To SN 34 1915
To WP&YR 24 during Oct 1942
Scrapped Skagway, AK 1951
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