Below #150, the start of the Class 45 units, the Denver & Rio Grande put their narrow gauge locomotives in chronological order as they were acquired. What resulted was a hodgepodge of wheel arrangements, builders, and class numbers. Since most sources list them chronologically, including the railroad itself, we'll list them that way as well.

D&RG Narrow Gauge Steamers 1-109
Unit NumMfgr.ClassWheelsSerialBuiltNotes
D&RG 1Baldwin252-4-024591871Named "Montezuma", scrapped 23-Jul-1888
Boiler to D&RG hospital, Salida, CO
D&RG 2Baldwin352-6-024791871Named "Tabiwachi"
Rblt Class 39 0-6-0T #2 17-Jul-1883
Sold to AT Sullenberger 8-Nov-1888 for #29
Scrapped at Burnham 31-Aug-1898
D&RG 3Baldwin352-6-024761871Named "Shou-wa-no"
Rblt Class 39 0-6-0T #3 11-Jul-1884
To San Franscisco Const. Co. 22-Aug-1888
D&RG 4Baldwin252-4-025661871Named "Cortez", scrapped 23-Jul-1888
Boiler to D&RG hospital, Salida, CO
D&RG 5Baldwin352-6-024761871Named "Ouray"
To Little Book Cliff RR, GJ, CO 12-Nov-1889
D&RG 6Baldwin252-4-026131871Named "Ute"
Leased Denver, Longmont & NW 1881-1884
To Denver RR Land & Coal 10-Nov-1886
To Colorado Eastern? #6 Jan-1888
Spotted Morse Bros, Denver, 22-Aug-1915
Supposedly went to Leadville smelter
D&RG 7Baldwin252-4-026171871Named "Del Norte"
Leased Den. Circle RR 25-Oct-1882
Returned 13-Aug-1883, scrapped Nov-1888
D&RG 8Baldwin352-6-027271871Named "Arkansas"
Rblt Class 39 0-6-0T #8 31-Jan-1884
To Arkansas Valley Smelter (ASARCO) 10-Jul-1888
D&RG 9Baldwin352-6-027281871Named "Huerfano"
Leased HRW Scott, CMB&G Co, returned 26-Nov-1882
To M Geist & Co, Pueblo Dec-1883
Returned 4-Jan-1884, scrapped 23-Mar-1888
D&RG 10Baldwin352-6-028971873Named "San Carlos"
Scrapped 23-Mar-1888
D&RG 11Baldwin352-6-030211873Named "Cucharas"
Rblt Class 39 0-6-0T #11 23-Mar-1885
Sold San Francisco Const. Co 5-Jun-1888
D&RG 12Baldwin352-6-031651873Named "Las Animas"
Leased M Geist & Co, 5-Sep-1883
Rebuilt to Class 39 0-6-0T #12 17-Mar-1884
Sold to Alfred C. Torbett Jun-1899
D&RG 13Vulcan?0-4-0+
?1872Double Fairlie type from the UK
Named "Mountaineer"
Not used long due to tiny fuel/water cpcty
D&RG 13Baldwin402-6-034751873Never In Service
Named "Mosca", too heavy for D&RG track
To East Broad Top 3, "Rockhill"
To Tuscarora Valley RR 1911, scrapped 1917
D&RG 13Baldwin402-6-038061876Named "Santa Clara"
Scrapped 1-Jul-1889
D&RG 14Baldwin402-6-038091876Named "Chicosa"
Sold 1892 GM Dilley & Son, Palestine, TX
D&RG 15Baldwin402-6-038101876Named "Raton"
Sold 1891 GM Dilley & Son, Palestine, TX
D&RG 16Baldwin374-4-038671876Named "Pike"
Scrapped Burnham 19-Jun-1888
D&RG 17Baldwin374-4-038691876Named "Greenhorn"
Sold RW Stewart & Co, 31-Oct-1888
D&RG 18Baldwin374-4-038711876Named "Spanish Peaks"
Scrapped Burnham 19-Jun-1888
D&RG 19Baldwin402-6-038991876Named "Monte Cristo"
Sold Ark. Valley Smelter, Leadville, Apr-1899
D&RG 20Baldwin480-6-0T40571877Sold to Mike Elmore, May-1900
D&RG 21Baldwin480-6-0T40581877Sold to Streeter & Kennefick 6-Sep-1893
D&RG 22Baldwin602-8-040761877To Class 60 #228 30-Nov-1894
D&RG 23Baldwin402-6-041581877Named "Trinchera"
To La Plata Const. Co Jun-1891
To Biggs Lumber Dec-1895
Later New Mex Lumber Co #3
Later to Pagosa Lumber Co
D&RG 24Baldwin602-8-041911877Named "Mosca"
To #41 (1894)
D&RG 24Pburg1402-6-04241880Originally Cairo & St. Louis #26
To Santa Fe Southern #4
To D&RG second #24 1895
Scrapped 1899
D&RG 25Baldwin562-8-041921878Named "Hardscrabble"
To #42 31-Jan-1895
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 25Pburg1402-6-04231880Originally Cairo & St. Louis #27
To Santa Fe Southern #5
To D&RG second #25 1895
Scrapped 1899
D&RG 26Baldwin384-4-043311878Named "Rio Bravo"
Scrapped Burnham 31-Aug-1898
D&RG 27Baldwin402-6-043171878Named "Poncha"
Sold Sabine Tramway Co, Orange, TX Mar-1889
D&RG 28Baldwin402-6-043351878Named "Nepesta"
Sold George Laws, Nov-1890
D&RG 29Baldwin402-6-043361878Named "Cochetope"
Sold AT Sullenbrger, traded back for #2
Sold to RGS RR as #11, Jan-1891
Sold GM Dilley & Son by RGS 1899
D&RG 30Baldwin562-8-043821878Named "Old Baldy"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1916
D&RG 31Baldwin562-8-043841878Named "Dolores"
Rebuilt to 0-8-0 1908
Scrapped 28-Feb-1917
D&RG 32Baldwin562-8-043851878Named "Kit Carson"
Leased Florence & Cripple Crk Feb-1893
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 33Baldwin562-8-045041879Named "Silver Cliff"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 34Baldwin562-8-045051879Named "Royal Gorge"
Scrapped 28-Feb-1917
D&RG 35Baldwin384-4-047381879Named "Culebra"
To D&RGW2 Nov-1887-Sep-1888
To GM Dilley & Son Feb-1893
Later on Bering Mfg Co Railroad
D&RG 36Baldwin384-4-048251879Named "San Juan"
To GM Dilley & Son Aug-1893
Later on Cameron Lumber Mills RR?
D&RG 37Baldwin562-8-048091879Named "Piedra"
Sold Pagosa Lumber Co Jun-1907
D&RG 38Baldwin562-8-048101879Named "Mancos"
Leased to Silverton RR Jan-1890
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 39Baldwin562-8-048711880Named "Chama"
Retired Jun-1903, scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 40Baldwin562-8-048721880Named "Elk Mountain"
Sold Halleck & Howard Lumber RR? Feb-1917
D&RG 41Baldwin602-8-049401880Named "Grand Canyon"
Renumbered 1894 to C-16 #229
This is not ex-D&RG 24
D&RG 41Baldwin602-8-041911877Was D&RG #24, was renumbered 1894
D&RG 42Baldwin602-8-049381880Named "Anglo Saxon"
Running gear to Silverton RR #100, Nov-1887
Boiler went on 283's running gear and became Nevada County Narrow Gauge #8
Scrapped on Silverton RR 1909-1912
This is not ex-D&RG 25
D&RG 42Baldwin562-8-041921878Was D&RG #25, renumbered 31-Jan-1895
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 43Baldwin562-8-049421880Named "Copper Gulch"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 44Baldwin562-8-049741880Named "Texas Creek"
To North Shore RR #40 Jun-1903
To Northwestern Pacific #321
Scrapped 31-Dec-1910
D&RG 45Baldwin562-8-049761880Named "Mojanda"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 46Baldwin562-8-049811880Named "Badito"
To New Mex Lumber Co #2 Apr-1903
D&RG 47Baldwin562-8-049851880Named "Gold Town"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 48Baldwin562-8-049841880Named "Current Creek"
Leased RGS Jan-Feb 1892
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 49Baldwin562-8-049861880Named "Badger"
Leased to Burns & Biggs Lumber until 1902
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 50Baldwin562-8-049921880Named "Crestones"
Leased RGS Jan-Feb 1892
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 51Baldwin562-8-049901880Named "South Arkansas"
Either scrapped 1908 or sold to
Azucarera de Altimira
D&RG 52Baldwin562-8-050021880Named "Music Pass"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 53Baldwin562-8-050061880Named "Cottonwood"
Leased RGS Dec90-Jan91
To Rio Grande Gunnison RR Dec91-Jan92
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 54Baldwin562-8-050081880Named "Ruby Camp"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 55Baldwin562-8-050111880Named "Tomichi"
Leased Silverton RR Aug-Nov 1891
To Uintah RR? #11 23-May-1904
D&RG 56Baldwin562-8-050181880Named "Buffalo Peaks"
To Sayer-Newton Lumber Nov-1902
D&RG 57Baldwin562-8-050211880Named "Chalk Creek"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 58Baldwin562-8-050221880Named "Fryer Hill"
Rebuilt to 0-8-0 1908
Scrapped 28-Feb-1917
D&RG 59Baldwin562-8-050231880Named "Hoosier"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 60Baldwin562-8-050391880Named "Mosquito Gulch"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 61Baldwin562-8-050401880Named "La Jara"
Leased Silverton RR Oct-Nov 1890
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 62Baldwin562-8-050411880Named "San Antonio"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 63Baldwin562-8-050511880Named "Mt. Agassiz"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 64Baldwin562-8-050691880Named "Tres Piedras"
Rebuilt to 0-8-0 in 1908
Scrapped 30-Jun-1916
D&RG 65Baldwin562-8-050961880Named "San Cristoval"
Leased Silverton RR Jan-1890
Rebuilt to 0-8-0 1908
Scrapped 28-Feb-1917
D&RG 66Baldwin562-8-050981880Named "Bristol Head"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 67Baldwin562-8-051021880Named "Weminuche"
Leased Silverton RR Jan-1890
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 68Baldwin562-8-051031880Named "Vermejo"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 69Baldwin562-8-051321880Named "Arroya Honda"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 70Baldwin562-8-051331880Named "Sierra Madre"
Sold Apr-1907 Pagosa Lumber Co.
D&RG 71Baldwin562-8-051361880Named "Pacific Slope"
To D&RGW2 #71 1886, RGW 71 1889
To RGS #27 1891
To Carolina & Northwestern #230, 27-Sep-1899
To Gainesville, Jefferson & Southern
To Gainesville Midland (as of Nov-1908)
D&RG 71Baldwin562-8-0Unk1880ex-Santa Fe Southern #3, to D&RG 11-Nov-1895
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
Second D&RG #71
D&RG 72Baldwin562-8-051371880Named "Piedra"
To D&RGW2 #72 1886, RGW 72 1889
To RGS #28 1891
To Morenci Southern Railway #1 11-Feb-1900
D&RG 73Baldwin562-8-051381880Named "Sneffels"
To D&RGW2 #73 Jul-1886, RGW 73 1889
To RGS #29 Apr-1892
To Morenci Southern Railway #2 21-Feb-1900
D&RG 74Baldwin562-8-051641880Named "Hermano"
To D&RGW2 #74 12-Jul-1886, RGW 73 1889
To RGS #30 Apr-1892
Back to RGW as #4 Sep-1899
Oct-1900, to Sumpter Valley 7
1906 to Sumpter Valley 10, retired Apr-1924
Fully scrapped by 1939
D&RG 75Baldwin562-8-051661880Named "Uncompahgre"
To D&RGW2 #75 12-Jul-1886, RGW 73 1889
Conv to SG Jul-1891, to RGW #2 1892
Sold Fitzhugh, Luther & Co. Jun-1903
D&RG 76Baldwin562-8-051841880Named "US Mountain"
To D&RGW2 #76 12-Jul-1886, RGW 76 1889
To RGS #31 1891
To Morenci Southern 11, 1900
To Franklink & Abbeville, to Nacozari RR
D&RG 77Baldwin562-8-051851880Named "Rinconida"
To D&RGW2 #77 12-Jul-1886, RGW 77 1889
To RGS #32 1891
To SG&N #32, 1899
Scrapped 1909-1912
Boiler at Teffts Spur on Silverton Branch
D&RG 78Baldwin562-8-052251880Named "Sandia"
To D&RGW2 #78 12-Jul-1886, RGW 78 1889
To RGS #33 1891
D&RG 79Baldwin562-8-052261880Named "La Plata"
To D&RGW2 #79 12-Jul-1886, RGW 79 1889
To RGS #34 1891
To Silverton Railroad #101 1892
To Silverton Northern #1 1896
Scrapped circa 1920
D&RG 80Baldwin562-8-052001880Named "Chico"
To D&RGW2 #80 12-Jul-1886, RGW 80 1889
To RGS #35 1891
To Calumet Fuel #1 1901
To second RGS #1 1906
Scrapped 1913
D&RG 81Baldwin562-8-053731880Named "Puerco"
To D&RGW2 #81 12-Jul-1886, RGW 70 1889
To Robinson Land & Lumber
D&RG 82Baldwin562-8-053741880Named "Colo-Chiquito"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 83Baldwin562-8-054231880Named "Sera La Sal"
Scrapped 30-Jun-1916
D&RG 84Baldwin562-8-051561880Named "Bill Williams"
Leased to RGS 1890-1891
D&RG 85Baldwin424-4-049481880Named "Fort de Remer"
To Gurdon Lumber, Gurdon AR, Jan-1900
D&RG 86Baldwin424-4-050421880Named "San Miguel"
To FC Torres a Prietas 31-Jul-1896
To Union Mexicano Sep-1910
D&RG 87Baldwin424-4-050531880Named "Rito Alto"
To Sanford & St. Petersburg #11 Dec-1894
Later to Flint River L&E RR
D&RG 88Baldwin424-4-051981880Named "Ptarmigan"
To Carmen Island Salt 6-May-1892
To FC Torres a Prietas
D&RG 89Baldwin384-4-051051880Named "Eagle River"
To GM Dilley & Son 1-Aug-1893
Back on D&RG Dec-1895
To Mike Elmore, May-1900
D&RG 90Baldwin384-4-050531880Named "Wahsatch"
Leased ATSF Sep-1889 to Dec-1889
Scrapped Alamosa 31-Aug-1898 (?)
D&RG 91Baldwin384-4-051071880Named "Ten Mile"
To GM Dilley & Son 1-Aug-1893
Later to Teche RR & Lumber
D&RG 92Baldwin424-4-051181880Named "Mogollon"
To Sanford & St. Petersburg #12 Dec-1894
To Atlantic Coast Ln #801/1801 1911
To Sanford Mfg Co RR
D&RG 93Baldwin424-4-051191880Named "Roaring Forks"
To RGS #36 27-Nov-1891
To Arkansas Lumber Co
D&RG 94Baldwin424-4-051391880Named "Gunnison"
Scrapped Jun-1903
D&RG 95Baldwin424-4-051401880Named "Embuda"
To Sanford & St. Petersburg #5 Dec-1894
To Atlantic Coast Ln #800 1911
To Georgia Car & Loco Works
D&RG 96Baldwin424-4-051441880Named "Morena"
Scrapped Jun-1903
D&RG 97Baldwin480-6-0T50881880To Pueblo Smelting & Refining 1885-86
To CO&KS Cty Smlt&Ref Co Feb-1893
To Ark Smlt&Ref Co #3
D&RG 98Baldwin480-6-0T50901880To Streeter & Kennefick, Chicago Sep-1893
D&RG 99Baldwin424-4-054251881Named "Kokomo"
To Sanford & St. Petersburg 19-Jan-1894
To Flint River Lumber 1898
D&RG 100Baldwin424-4-054361881Named "Hesperis"
Leased to D&RGW2 1888
Scrapped 30-Jun-1908
D&RG 101Baldwin424-4-054411881Named "Colonel Boone"
Scrapped 31-Aug-1898
D&RG 102Baldwin480-6-0T56811881To CF&I #5 28-Jan-1893
D&RG 103Baldwin480-6-0T56851881To Pueblo Smelting & Refining 1885
To Ark Smlt&Ref Co 29-Feb-1896
D&RG 104Baldwin480-6-0T57271881Scrapped Jun-1903
D&RG 105Baldwin480-6-0T57371881To RGS #14 27-Aug-1891
To Yllw Pine Lmbr Co #4, Mobile, AL
D&RG 106Baldwin480-6-0T57351881Scrapped Jun-1903
D&RG 107Baldwin42.54-4-066311881Scrapped Burnham 31-Aug-1898
D&RG 108Baldwin42.54-4-066321881To D&RGW2 #108 12-Jul-1886
D&RG 109Baldwin42.54-4-066331881To D&RGW2 #109 12-Jul-1886

1 Pburg = Pittsburg Locomotive Works

2 This D&RGW is the Denver & Rio Grande Western that existed in Utah in the 1880s, not the one existing after the 1921 reorganization of the D&RG.

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