Needleton, CO

Needleton is a 525 foot (12 car) siding located at milepost 484.0 on the Silverton Branch of the San Juan Extension. In addition to the siding, there is also a water tank - known as Needleton Tank - located just up the branch at milepost 484.4.

Needleton Tank

The old water tank - located nearly half a mile from Needleton at milepost 484.4 - is no longer functional. The D&RGW replaced it with a 6000 gallon tank car body rigged to provide water in October 1973, similar to what had been done at Tank Creek, CO. The tank came from D&RGW Water Car 06217, frequently used on the Farmington Branch when in service.

The tank was saved from efforts by the D&RGW to demolish it after it was taken out of service in 1973. The tank was restored by several volunteers with assistance from the Durango & Silverton as well as the Colorado Historical Society. The official dedication happened on 20-Jul-2004.

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