Tefft/Teft, CO

The location was originally named Tefft, named after early forest ranger Guy Tefft, and was located at milepost 477.9 of the Silverton Branch. Later D&RGW timetables (for example: Colorado Division 3-A) misspell this as Teft. Regardless, the location is of note because of Otto Mears building a sawmill here in the 1910s that was served by a spur. Little of the sawmill remains, aside from its stationary boiler. The boiler is what remains of Silverton, Gladstone & Northerly steam engine 32, and is intact yet today. According to www.narrowgauge.org, the remains of Silverton Railroad combine "Red Mountain" are also at Tefft.

Just below Tefft at milepost 477.8 is a scenic through-truss bridge that carries the Silverton Branch from the east to the west bank of the Animas. The bridge is iron, and was installed in 1887.

Cascade Canyon, CO

Today, Tefft is of little note - just a Forest Service sign alongside the track. The more important feature is Cascade Canyon, a station added by the Durango & Silverton in 1981 at milepost 477.55. Cascade Canyon is the site of a wye used for turning the winter trains, as the branch north of here is usually impassible in winter due to snow and the threat of avalanches.

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Photos from Cascade Canyon / Tefft

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