D&RG Class 125 / D&RGW K-27 Class Narrow Gauge 2-8-2s
450BaldwinK-27216771903Scrapped Jan-1939
451BaldwinK-27216851903Scrapped Jan-1939
452BaldwinK-27218031903Scrapped 30-Jul-1954
453BaldwinK-27218241903Scrapped 30-Jul-1954
454BaldwinK-27218321903Scrapped 6-Nov-1953
455BaldwinK-27218451903Became RGS 455 during Sep-1939
Scrapped 1953
456BaldwinK-27218541903Scrapped 29-Feb-1952
457BaldwinK-27218941903Scrapped Jan-1939
458BaldwinK-27219101903To NdeM 401, 1941
Standard gauged, renumbered NdeM 2251
Scrapped 1960s
See Note 1
459BaldwinK-27219361903To Nat'l Railways of Mexico 400, 1941
Standard gauged, renumbered NdeM 2250
Scrapped 1960s
See Note 1
460BaldwinK-27217281903Scrapped Jan-1939
461BaldwinK-27217291903Became RGS 461 30-Sep-1950
Scrapped 1953
462BaldwinK-27217811903Scrapped 16-May-1950
463BaldwinK-27217881903Owned by Gene Autry 1955-1972
Donated to City of Antonito, CO 1972
Restored and put into service 1994
Idled Oct 2001 awaiting rebuild
Returned to C&TS service 20 May 2013
464BaldwinK-27217961903Withdrawn from service 21 Aug 19571
Officially retired by DRGW 1962
To Knott's Berry Farm, CA, 1973
To Huckleberry RR, Flint, MI, 1981, runs
Other Class K-27 Resources
  • Images of K-27s in the Denver Public Library's Western History Collection.

1 Many sources list 458 as becoming NdeM 400 and 2250. However, 2250 has outward-sloping valves like 459, not an inward-sloping cylinder casting like 458. Thus, either conventional roster wisdom is wrong, or the Mexicans did a whole lot more work in the conversion process than anybody knew. If anybody has a picture of 401/2251 in service, I'd appreciate seeing it to verify this conclusion.

2 The K-27s were built as saturated steam Vauclain compound engines, but were converted to conventional single expansion locomotives early on. During this conversion, the units were converted to slide valves - some inboard, some outboard. Later in their lifecycle, 452-456, 458, 459, 461, 463 and 464 were given superheaters, piston valves, and Walschaerts valve gear. Engines 450, 451, 457, 460, and 462 were never retrofitted with superheaters, though 462 was eventually given piston valves. The ones with inboard valves received Stephenson valve gear initially and were later retrofitted to Walschaerts. Later, 464 was converted back to saturated steam while on the Huckleberry RR in Michigan.


1 From "The Mudhens" by Dennis O'Berry

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