D&RGW K-36 Class Narrow Gauge 2-8-2s
480BaldwinK-36585581925To DSNG Mar-1981
First DSNG run Jul 1985
481BaldwinK-36585591925To DSNG Mar-1981
First DSNG run Aug 1981
482BaldwinK-36585411925To C&TS 1970
To DSNG 1991
483BaldwinK-36585841925To C&TS 1970, static display in Chama, NM
484BaldwinK-36585851925To C&TS 1970
485BaldwinK-36585861925Fell into Salida turntable pit 7-Dec-1953
scrapped 1955
486BaldwinK-36585871925Retired by DRGW in 1962
To Royal Gorge park
Traded to DSNG for 499 in 1999
First DSNG run Aug 2000
487BaldwinK-36585881925To C&TS 1970
488BaldwinK-36585891925To C&TS 1970
489BaldwinK-36585901925Retired 1962, to C&TS 1970
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