Colorado & Southeastern Railway History

C&SE Summary
From: Barnes, CO
To: Delagua, CO
Miles: 7.5
Built: 1888-1903
Abdn: ~1959

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The line from Barnes to Hastings was originally constructed by the Canon d'Agua Railroad between 1888-1889. The Canon d'Agua Railroad was a subsidiary of the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf?, who was at the time a trackage rights tenant on the Rio Grande's Pueblo-Trinidad? line.

The Colorado & Southeastern Railway was incorporated on 16 May 1903, as a subsidiary of the Victor-American Fuels Company, the owner of the Hastings and Delagua mines. The line was then extended from Hastings to Delagua in 1903.

On 18 August 1909, the assets of the C&SE Railway were sold to the C&SE Railroad, incorporated only two weeks prior. Eventually the line became a subsidiary of the Colorado & Southern Railway. In addition to their own 6.5 miles between Barnes and Delagua, the C&SE also had trackage rights to Trinidad over the C&S and owned 1.2 miles of connecting line between Chandler Junction and the D&RGW Junction on the Chandler Creek Branch.1

The route was abandoned between Hastings and Delagua in 1952, and removed entirely from Hastings east in 1959.

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1 Reports and Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Volume 125, 1927, LK Strouse

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