D&RG / D&RGW Graneros Branch History

Graneros Branch Facts
From: Lascar, CO
To: Graneros, CO
Miles: 9.69
Built: 1876
To Branch: 1917
Abdn: 1924

The Graneros Branch was really part of the old D&RG mainline north from where it crossed the new 1911 joint D&RG-C&S line at Lascar. North of Graneros the line was abandoned, but apparently there was still some industry to serve in Graneros. So, in one sense you could say that the line was built in 1877 as narrow gauge, along with the rest of the original D&RG Pueblo-Trinidad Main, but really it didn't become the Graneros Branch until 1917 when the main north of Graneros was ripped out.

It appears that eventually this traffic, too, tried up, leaving the only important point on the line as Capers. Some time around 1924, the Graneros Branch was abandoned and replaced with a short stub from the new joint D&RG-C&S line at Mustang directly over to Capers, appropriately known as the Capers Branch.

If anyone has any details about any of these branches, I'd greatly appreciate being able to clean up this history.

Graneros Branch Timetable Information

Graneros Branch Timetable

155.44Lascar, CO Connection to Pueblo-Trinidad Main
155.42Cross new line  
145.8Graneros, CO  
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