D&RG / D&RGW Engleville Branch History

Engleville Branch Facts
From: Southern Jct, CO
To: Sonora, CO
Miles: 4.2
Built: ???
Abdn: ~1947

The Engleville Branch was the very southern tip of the original north-south mainline. Constructed as narrow gauge in 1877, it extended from the Pueblo-Trinidad Main at Engleville Jct (a half mile south of El Moro) to Engleville, a distance of approximately 6.2 miles. The route was built by the El Moro Railway, on account of the D&RG being saddled with too much debt after its massive expansion in the late 1870s. Its purpose was to bring coal down from the mines at Engleville, partially to feed Colorado Fuel & Iron.

The branch was dual-gauged in 1888 and standard gauged a year later. The line lasted until 1930, when it was abandoned and scrapped.

Engleville Branch Timetable Information

Engleville Branch Timetable

206.5Engleville Jct, CO Connection to Pueblo-Trinidad Main
206.7C&S Crossing  
212.7Engleville, CO  
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