D&RG / D&RGW Capers Branch History

Capers Branch Facts
From: Mustang, CO
To: Capers, CO
Miles: 2.6
Built: 1924?
Abdn: 1955

The Capers Branch existed as a short westward stub from the 1911 joint D&RG-C&S line that ran south from Pueblo to Trinidad. Departing the new line at Mustang, it ran 2.6 miles over to the old (abandoned) D&RG Pueblo-Trinidad main at Larimer, where it turned north for a few tenths of a mile into Capers. My guess is that once the only traffic on the Graneros Branch was at Capers, this new, short spur was built and the Graneros Branch was subsequently abandoned. I have little information on the branch, other than it was abandoned sometime around 1955.

If anyone has any details about any of these branches, I'd greatly appreciate being able to clean up this history.

Capers Branch Timetable Information

Capers Branch Timetable

148.9Mustang, CO Connection to Pueblo-Trinidad Main
151.5Capers, CO  

Timetable History

19??-1955D&RGW Pueblo Division Timetables, Subdivision 8-B
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