D&RG / D&RGW Chandler Creek Branch History

Chandler Creek Branch Facts
From: Chandler Jct, CO
To: Chandler, CO
Miles: 4.3
Built: 1881 (NG)
To SG: 1890
Abdnd: 1944

The Chandler Creek branch was one of the coal branches built south from the Royal Gorge Route between Pueblo and Canon City. The initial 2 miles were built in 1881 as narrow gauge from Chandler Junction (mp 153.5) southward. Then, in 1890 the branch was standard-gauged and extended as far as Chandler, 4.3 miles off the mainline. A mile or two from Chandler Junction, the line wyed off to the east to connect to the short Fremont Spur. Once the mines closed, the branch and Fremont Spur were removed in 1944.

The 1.2 mile connecting line from Chandler Junction to D&RGW Junction was officially owned by the Colorado & Southeastern Railroad as a completely disconnected segment from their operation between Barnes and Delagua in southern Colorado. The application for abandonment was filed on 3 Nov 1943 as ICC Docket #14391.

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