Whiplash Curves

The Whiplash Curves are a pair of horseshoe curves that the San Juan Extension, and later the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic used to climb up onto the mesa to the Big Horn, NM siding and wye.

The lower curve was originally the location of the Big Horn Section House. The section house, two bunk houses?, and a few smaller related structures were located inside the radius of the curve. The section house structure resembled the ones that remain at Sublette, NM, Osier, CO, and Cumbres, CO. One of the bunk houses? was similar to the one at Sublette, NM, whereas the other was a converted railcar body. All were removed by 1965 (Osterwald), though the bunk houses? were likely gone around 1952 (Glover & Wilson).

For more information, see the Big Horn page.

Maps and Photos

Photos of Whiplash Curves / Big Horn, NM

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