Rock Tunnel, NM

Tunnel #2 - unofficially but universally called "Rock Tunnel" or "Toltec Tunnel" - is the westernmost of only two tunnels on the D&RGW's San Juan Extension. (The other is Mud Tunnel / Tunnel #1, located four rail miles east.) Located at milepost 315.2, the tunnel passes through granite and other hard rocks, and thus is not line. The tunnel itself is approximately 366 feet in length.

Also in the area are a telegraphone booth, located a few hundred yards east of the tunnel at MP314.7, the Garfield Monument? just outside the west end, and two tell-tales? constructed of metal pipe frame, one on each side of the bore.

Originally, when the line was built, the western approach to the tunnel consisted of two short trestles. There was a short one panel trestle just outside the tunnel mouth with no bents? (each end resting on a stone abutment), and then a short four-panel trestle with three bents maybe fifteen feet to the west. At some point in history, these were replaced by the cut stone retaining wall that holds up the tracks today.

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