Toltec, NM

Toltec, NM is a siding, a section house, and a water tank? on the D&RGW's San Juan Extension. The two were not located in the same spot. The siding is at approximately milepost 310.4, and the section house and water tank? were located at 313.5, just west of Calico Cut?.

None of the structures at the Toltec section house site survive today. The section house itself was closed down in 1938 (Osterwald), however its associated bunk house, water tank, and other structures were removed earlier, in 1925.

The siding started out at a typical length for sidings on the San Juan Extension, at 1086 feet. However, with the long pipe trains in the 1950s running to Farmington, NM, most sidings on the line were too short. Thus, Toltec was extended to its current 3400 feet, making it one of the longest sidings on the D&RGW narrow gauge system. The siding is serviceable today, though it is rarely used except for specials and maintenance trains.

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