Los Pinos, CO

Los Pinos, CO, was, at one point, a section house site, water tank, and siding on the D&RGW's San Juan Extension, located at milepost 324.8. The track makes a long trip up the Los Pinos valley from the east, crossing the Rio de los Pinos near the head of the valley, makes a horseshoe curve on a raised fill, and then begins climbing up the west side to start gaining elevation towards Cumbres, CO. Local elevation is about 9706 feet.

The only features remaining today are the siding, at 1850 feet, the large low wooden trestle over the Rio de los Pinos, and the still-functional 50,000 gallon water tank. The section house and related structures were removed in 1938. (Osterwald)

The original Los Pinos siding was at milepost 322.2 (from 1907 maps), and was approximately 15-20 cars in length. Around 1925, the siding was moved to its current location. 1

The trestle is an eleven panel, ballasted deck wooden trestle.

Development started rapidly creeping into the head of the valley around 2005, partially destroying the picturesque location.

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1 - Earl Knoob post on NGDF: "Re: Place Names on the C&TS" - 7-Apr-2003, 1302h

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