Standard Gauge Caboose Summary Roster

Rd NmbrsConstructionALengthCupolaBuilderBuiltNotes
0800-0827Wood32'Offset???1887-1888Originally had side doors, later removed
0828-0849Wood32'Offset???1888-1891Originally had side doors, later removed
0850-0871Wood32'Offset???1891-1894Originally had side doors, later removed
0872-0888Wood32'Offset???1894-1902Originally had side doors, later removed
0889-0915Wood30'OffsetD&RG Burnham1906
0916-0931Wood30'Offset???1906(?)Possible ex-RGW cabooses
Appear on D&RG ORER 1910
0932-0933Wood24'UnknownB&S1904Ex-D&SL 10000 and 10002
0936-0938Wood29'UnknownDanville Car1909Ex-D&SL 10006-10008
0939-0945Wood29'UnknownPullman1913Ex-D&SL 10010-10021
0950-0959Wood/SUF30'OffsetHaskell & Barker1909
01100-01131Wood22'Offset??????Ex-RGW, all but 01100-01107 retired by 1928
01120-01139Wood/SUF29'10"OffsetD&RG Burnham1928Cars in 01120-01131 range second to use these numbers after RGW cars from 1910
01140-01189Wood/SUF29'10"OffsetHaskell & Barker1913
01190-01199Wood/SUF29'10"OffsetD&RG Burnham1927
01200-01214Wood?WoodHaskell & Barker1909Drover cabooses for stock moves
01300-01303Comp/SUF30'EndD&RGW Burnham1937Drover cabooses for stock moves
01320-01325Comp/SUF36'UnknownD&RGW Burnham1964Built using steel underframes from X2725-2734 outfit boxcars, built as 62000-series boxcars
01350-01359Comp/SUF29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham1937
01390Welded Steel29'4"EndD&SL1947Former D&SL 10063
01391Riveted Steel29'4"EndD&SL1936Former D&SL 10060
01392Riveted Steel24'OffsetD&SL1936Former D&SL 10061
To weed sprayer X-301 Mar 1951
01393Riveted Steel??D&SL1940Former D&SL 10062
01400-01409Riveted Steel29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham1940
01410-01419Riveted Steel29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham1941
01420-01429Riveted Steel29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham1942
01430-01439Riveted Steel29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham1944
01440-01449Riveted Steel29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham1944-1945
01450-01459Riveted Steel29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham1947
01460-01469Riveted Steel29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham1951
01470-01479Welded Steel29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham1955
01480-01490Welded Steel29'10"EndD&RGW Burnham195901490 originally ordered by Utah Railway as UTAH 70 under AFE 5107, order cancelled and became 01490
01500-01514Welded Steel30'7"Wide-vision offsetICC1966
01515-01524Welded Steel30'7"Wide-vision centeredICC1976Equipped with cushioned underframe
014107-014601Wood/SUF33'-37'OffsetD&RGW Burnham???Rebuilt from 54 boxcars of the same number (without the lead 0)
060101-061474Wood/SUF36'UnknownD&RGW Burnham???Rebuilt from 48 boxcars of the same number (without the lead 0)


All of the standard gauge caboose photos are lumped into a single gallery for now, predominantly sorted by caboose number. The gallery can be found here.


A Definitions for construction styles as follows:

  • Wood - All wooden, including underframe.
  • Wood/SUF - Wood carbody, steel underframe
  • Comp/SUF - Wood and steel carbody, steel underframe
  • Riveted steel - All steel construction, joined by rivets
  • Welded steel - All steel construction, joined by welds


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