D&RGW EMD SD45 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToFrameNotes
DRGW 5315Jan-196715-Jul-19947951-01To OMLX 5315 on 15-Jul-1994
To NCRC 5315 on May-1997
Scrapped Metro-East Industries Jan 2014
DRGW 5316Jan-196731-Mar-19957951-02Rebuilt by MK to SD40M-2
To CP 5494 on 31-Mar-1995
DRGW 5317Jan-1967Oct-19957951-03To NREX 5317 on Oct-1995
To MRL 344 on (Before 1997)
DRGW 5318Jan-196713-Apr-19957951-04Rebuilt by MK to SD40M-2
To CP 5495 on 13-Apr-1995
DRGW 5319Jan-196718-Nov-19947951-05To SP 8678 on 18-Nov-1994
To UP 2754 on 12-May-2000
DRGW 5320Jan-196726-Mar-19977951-06To HLCX 6525 on 26-Mar-1997
DRGW 5321Jan-1967May-19957951-07To KCS 634:2 on May-1995
DRGW 5322Jan-19676-Oct-20017951-08To NCRC 5322 for parts
Scrapped in Washington 2003
DRGW 5323Jan-196728-Apr-19977951-09To NRE
To UP 4737 on 31-Dec-1998
To UP 2784 2001
To CEFX 2784
DRGW 5324Feb-196731-May-19997951-10Presumed scrapped by Metro East Ind
DRGW 5325Mar-196814-Jun-19967085-01Rebuilt by MK to SD40M-2
To UP 4737 on 26-Jan-1999
To UP 2787 in 2001
To CEFX 2787
DRGW 5326Mar-1968Jul-19977085-02Out of service since 1997
Off UP 2003, presumed scrapped
DRGW 5327Mar-196828-Nov-19947085-03Rebuilt by MK to SD40M-2
To SP 8680 on 28-Nov-1994
DRGW 5328Mar-196828-Apr-19947085-04Rebuilt to SD40M-2
To UP 4741 on 16-Feb-1999
To UP 2791
To CEFX 2791
To MNA 2791
DRGW 5329Mar-196815-Jan-19957085-05
DRGW 5330Apr-196815-Jan-19957085-06Rebuilt to SD40M-2
To CP 5496 on 13-Apr-1995
DRGW 5331Apr-1968Aug-19987085-07To DAIR 2801 on Aug-1998
Noted cut down to the frame at Paducah, KY on 9 Jan 20151
DRGW 5332Apr-196815-Jul-19947085-08To NCRC 5332 on Mar-1997
Scrapped Metro-East Industries Jan 2014
DRGW 5333Apr-1968Feb-19947085-09Rebuilt to SD40M-2
To CP 5493 on 31-Mar-1995
DRGW 5334Apr-196826-Mar-19977085-10Rebuilt to SD40M-2
To HLCX 6522 on 15-Nov-1997
DRGW 5335May-196819957085-11Rebuilt to SD40M-2
To UP 4744 on 18-Mar-1999
To UP 2794 2001
To CEFX 2794
DRGW 5336Apr-1968Feb-19947085-12Rebuilt to SD40M-2
To CP 5497 on 15-Apr-1995
Photographed being scrapped at Montreal, Nov 2010
DRGW 5337Mar-1968Feb-19947106-01Rebuilt to SD40M-2
To SP 8682 on 2-Dec-1994
To UP 2758
DRGW 5338Mar-1968Feb-19947106-02Rebuilt to SD40M-2
To SP 8684 on 9-Dec-1994
To UP 2760, to MNA 2760
DRGW 5339Mar-1968Mar-19977106-03To DAIR 2701 on Aug-1998
Noted at NRE Mt Vernon without long hood, March 2014
DRGW 5340Mar-1968Mar-19977106-04Rebuilt to SD40M-2
To HLCX 6524 on 5-Nov-1997

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