D&RGW EMD SD40T-2 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToFrameNotes
DRGW 5341Oct-197420-Jul-199974636-1Repainted UP 4035 20-Jul-1999
Patched to UP 8605 6-Apr-2000
DRGW 5342Oct-19743-Sep-200174636-2Repainted to UP 2882 3-Sep-2001
DRGW 5343Oct-197423-Nov-199874636-3Repainted to UP 4001 23-Nov-1998
To UP 8571 14-Apr-2000
To UP 9863 Jan-2007
Retired 24-Jan-2008
DRGW 5344Oct-197411-Oct-199974636-4Repainted to UP 4002 11-Oct-1999
To UP 8572 10-May-2000
To UP 2883 15-Apr-2001
DRGW 5345Oct-197425-Jun-200174636-5Retired by UP 15-Nov-2001
To FCA, Brazil, to become BB40T-2
DRGW 5346Oct-197415-Nov-199974636-6Repainted to UP 4037 15-Nov-1999
To UP 8607 12-Apr-2000
To UP 2884 8-Jan-2007
DRGW 5347Oct-197425-Jun-200174636-7Retired 28-Nov-2001
To FCA, Brazil, to become BB40T-2
DRGW 5348Oct-197417-Feb-199574636-8Wrecked at MP 283.6 (Mitchell, CO) 22-Nov-1994
Beyond repair, scrapped Pueblo 1995
DRGW 5349Oct-19748-Dec-200474636-9Patched to UP 8608 on 8-Dec-2004
To UP 9864 26-Feb-2007
Retired 24-Jan-2008
DRGW 5350Oct-1974(SP Era)74636-10Repainted to SP 5350 during SP era
To UP 8609 14-Nov-2000
Retired by UP 27-Jun-2003
DRGW 5351Oct-1974(SP Era)74636-11Repainted to SP1
To UP 4004 29-Mar-1999
To UP 8574 17-Mar-2000
To UP 2885 20-Dec-2002
DRGW 5352Oct-1974(SP Era)74636-12Repainted to SP 5350 during SP era
Patched UP 8610 5-Oct-2001
Retired by UP 26-Dec-2001 (ground flt)
Auctioned off Houston, TX, 26-Feb-2002
DRGW 5353Oct-1974(SP Era)74636-13Retired UP 29-Aug-2001
To RJ Corman 5353 Mar-2003
DRGW 5354Nov-19748-Dec-200474636-14Patched UP 8612 10-Dec-2004
To UP 9865 28-Feb-2007
Retired 24-Jan-2008
DRGW 5355Nov-19748-Oct-199974636-15Repainted UP 4043 8-Oct-1999
To UP 8613 12-Oct-2000
To UP 2886 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5356Jul-197510-Jan-2003756046-1Patched UP 8614 10-Jan-2003
To UP 7877 3-Oct-2003
VMV Peak Power lease unit
Retired 16-Jul-2007
DRGW 5357Jul-197528-Dec-1999756046-2Repainted UP 8615 28-Dec-1999
To UP 2888 17-Jan-2003
DRGW 5358Jul-197523-Apr-1999756046-3Repainted UP 4046 23-Apr-1999
To UP 8616 22-May-2000
To UP 2889 13-Mar-2007
DRGW 5359Jul-197522-Apr-1999756046-4Repainted UP 4047 22-Apr-1999
To UP 8617 20-May-2000
To UP 2890 on 22-Jan-2007
DRGW 5360Jul-197524-May-2001756046-5Retired by UP 24-May-2001
To FCA, Brazil, to become BB40T-2
DRGW 5361Jul-197528-Nov-2001756046-6Retired by UP 28-Nov-2001
To RJ Corman 5361 Mar-2003
DRGW 5362Jul-1975(SP Era)756046-7Repainted to SP1
Painted UP 4049 19-Mar-1999
To UP 8619 16-Apr-2000
To UP 2891 9-Jan-2007
To WRIX 2891
DRGW 5363Jul-19752-Dec-1999756046-8Repainted to UP 8620 2-Dec-1999
To UP 2892 on 19-Jan-2007
DRGW 5364Jul-1975(SP Era)756046-9Repainted to SP1
Painted UP 4051 22-Sep-1999
To UP 8621 28-Mar-2000
To UP 2893 28-Dec-2001
Wrecked Bertram, CA, 11-Nov-2007
Retired 21-Dec-2007
Scrapped Indio, CA
DRGW 5365Jul-19757-May-2002756046-10Patched to UP 8622 7-May-2002
Retired 24-Jan-2008
DRGW 5366Jul-1975(SP Era)756046-11Repainted to SP1
Painted UP 4053 12-Jun-1997
To UP 8623 4-May-2000
To UP 2894 21-Jan-2003
DRGW 5367Jul-197517-Nov-1999756046-12Repainted to UP 4054 17-Nov-1999
To UP 8624 27-Jun-2000
To UP 2653 19-Feb-2008
DRGW 5368Jul-1975(SP Era)756046-13Repainted to SP1
Patched UP 8625 10-Sep-2005
Retired 24-Jan-2008
DRGW 5369Aug-197513-May-1999756046-14Repainted to UP 4056 13-May-1999
To UP 8626 18-May-2000
To UP 2697 14-May-2008
DRGW 5370Aug-197517-Feb-1995756046-15Wrecked at MP 283.6 (Mitchell, CO) 22-Nov-1994
Scrapped Pueblo, cab still in scrapyard
DRGW 5371Aug-19758-Mar-2008756046-16Last DRGW T-2 in full paint
Retired 8 Mar 2008, stored Cheyenne, WY
Donated to Utah State RR Museum, Ogden
DRGW 5372Aug-197522-May-2001756046-17Retired by UP 22-May-2001
To RJ Corman 5372 Mar-2003
DRGW 5373Aug-197527-Jun-2001756046-18Patched UP 8628 27-Jun-2001
Retired by UP 29-Aug-2001
To Balfour Beatty 203, Solvay, WY
To SLRG 203 2009
DRGW 5374Jan-197718-Aug-1999766050-1Repainted to UP 4059 18-Aug-1999
To UP 8629 19-Apr-2000
To UP 2897 25-Jan-2002
To GECX 2897 19-Feb-2004
To be exported, Oct 2008
DRGW 5375Jan-197724-Jan-2002766050-2Patched to UP 8630 24-Jan-2002
To GECX 8630 3-Feb-2004
To HLCX 6142
To be exported, Aug 2008
DRGW 5376Jan-197730-Oct-2001766050-3Patched to UP 8631 30-Oct-2001
To GECX 8631 27-Jan-2004
To be exported, Oct 2008
DRGW 5377Jan-19778-Sep-2003766050-4Patched to UP 8632 8-Sep-2003
To GECX 8632 27-Jan-2004
To HLCX 6144 27-Aug-2007
To GECX 6144
To be exported, Aug 2008
DRGW 5378Jan-1977(SP Era)766050-5Repainted to SP1
Painted UP 8577 17-Apr-2002
To WP 8577 27-Feb-2007
Retired 7-Mar-2007
To become genset unit core
DRGW 5379Jan-197727-Apr-1999766050-6Repainted to UP 4063 27-Apr-1999
To UP 8633 27-May-2000
To GECX 8633 28-Jan-2004
To HLCX 6145 22-Apr-2006
To GECX 6145
To be exported, Aug 2008
DRGW 5380Jan-1977(SP Era)766050-7Repainted to SP1
Repainted to UP 4064 6-Aug-1999
To UP 8634 9-May-2000
To GECX 8634 30-Jan-2004
To be exported, Aug 2008
DRGW 5381Jan-197717-Mar-1998766050-8Repainted to UP 4065 17-Mar-1998
To UP 8635 31-Mar-2000
To GECX 8635 4-Feb-2004
To be exported, Aug 2008
DRGW 5382Jan-197730-Sep-1999766050-9Repainted to UP 4008 30-Sep-1999
To UP 8578 9-Mar-2000
To UP 2900 27-Apr-2005
DRGW 5383Jan-197730-Sep-1997766050-10Repainted to UP 4066 30-Sep-1997
To UP 8636 9-Mar-2000
To GECX 8636 27-Jan-2004
To GECX 6148
DRGW 5384Jan-197713-May-2002766050-11Patched to UP 8637 13-May-2002
To GECX 8637 8-Feb-2004
To HLCX 6149 9-Mar-2007
To GECX 6149
To be exported, Aug 2008
DRGW 5385Jan-19778-Dec-2001766050-12Patched to UP 8638 8-Dec-2001
To GECX 8638 28-Jan-2004
To HLCX 6150 (red repaint)
Possible export 21-Jun-2008
DRGW 5386Aug-197828-Dec-2000776098-1Retired by UP 28-Dec-2000
To FCA (Brazil) #4820 May-2005 BB40T-2
DRGW 5387Aug-1978(SP Era)776098-2Repainted to SP1
Retired by UP 22-May-2001
To LTEX 5387
Leased to Alabama & Tenn. Rvr since Jan-2005
DRGW 5388Aug-1978(SP Era)776098-3Repainted to SP1
Retired by UP 22-Aug-2001
Rebuilt to KCS 6110
To KCS 3167
DRGW 5389Aug-197811-Aug-2001776098-4Patched to UP 8582 11-Aug-2001
Retired by UP 31-Jan-2003
Disposition unknown
DRGW 5390Aug-197826-Oct-2005776098-5Generator fire 27-Aug-2005
Sent to Chicago M-19 for repairs
Patched to UP 8583 26-Oct-2005
Patched UP 9867 25-May-2007
Retired 24-Jan-2008
DRGW 5391Aug-197828-Dec-2000776098-6Retired by UP 28-Dec-2000
To LTEX 5391 in 2000
To ABCR 5391 28-Oct-2001
To Wheeling & Lake Erie 5391 Nov-2003
DRGW 5392Aug-197827-Feb-2001776098-7Retired by UP 27-Feb-2001
To Miss. & N Ark MNA 4076 Aug-2005
DRGW 5393Aug-1978(SP Era)776098-8Repainted to SP1
Patched to UP 8586 30-Aug-2001
Patched UP 9868 18-May-2007
DRGW 5394Aug-1978(SP Era)776098-9Repainted to SP1
Retired by UP 28-Feb-2002
Rebuilt to KCS 6102
To KCS 3170
To BPRR 3301
DRGW 5395Aug-197826-Mar-1999776098-10Repainted to UP 4018 26-Mar-1999
To UP 8588 10-Apr-2000
To UP 9869 11-Feb-2007
Retired 24-Jan-2008
To WAMX 4155
DRGW 5396Aug-197820-Jan-1999776098-11Repainted to UP 4019 19-Jan-1999
To UP 8589 21-Mar-2000
To UP 2901 24-May-2005
DRGW 5397Aug-1978(SP Era)776098-12Repainted to SP1
Patched to UP 8590 15-Dec-2000
To NYSW 3002 18-Oct-2002
Later to NYSW 3010
Stored Binghamton, NY out of service 2013
DRGW 5398Mar-198019-Dec-2000786264-1Retired by UP 19-Dec-2000
To NREX 5398
DRGW 5399Mar-1980(SP Era)786264-2Repainted to SP 5399 during SP era
Patched to UP 8592 26-Jul-2001
Patched UP 9870 10-May-2007
DRGW 5400Mar-198018-Apr-2001786264-3Patched to UP 8593 on 18-Apr-2001
Retired by UP 28-Feb-2002
To LTEX 8593, leased out
DRGW 5401Mar-198030-Jun-2005786264-4Patched to UP 8594 on 30-Jun-2005
Patched UP 9871 on 1-Jun-2007
Donated to CRRM Jul 2010
DRGW 5402Mar-19807-Feb-1989786264-5Wrecked near Pando, CO, 7-Feb-1989
Sold to NRE Dixmoor 1991
Rebuilt (regular long hood) NREX 5402 in 1993
To CP 5449 Jun 1994
To STLH 5449 Jan 1998
Rebuilt again GEC-Alstom 1999
To FURX 3021 Feb 2000
DRGW 5403Mar-19802-Dec-1999786264-6Repainted to UP 8595 2-Dec-1999
To UP 2933 on 22-Jan-2007
DRGW 5404Mar-198027-Jun-2000786264-7Retired by UP 27-Jun-2000
To RELX 5404 in 2002
Disposition unknown
DRGW 5405Mar-19807-Feb-2001786264-8Retired by UP 7-Feb-2001
To FCA (Brazil) #4823 Jun-2005 BB40T-2
DRGW 5406Mar-198029-Nov-2000786264-9Retired by UP 29-Nov-2000
To FCA (Brazil) #4821 May-2005 BB40T-2
DRGW 5407Mar-19804-Sep-2001786264-10Patched to UP 8599 4-Sep-2001
To UP 9872 on 22-Jan-2007
Retired 24-Jan-2008
DRGW 5408Mar-19807-Feb-1989786264-11Wrecked near Pando, CO, 7-Feb-1989
DRGW 5409Mar-19808-Jun-2001786264-12Retired by UP 8-Jun-2001
To RJ Corman 5409 Mar-2003
DRGW 5410Mar-198021-Aug-2001786264-13Repainted to UP 8601 20-Aug-2001
To UP 9873 27-Apr-2007
Retired 24-Jan-2008
DRGW 5411Mar-198016-Oct-1999786264-14Repainted to UP 4032 16-Oct-1999
To UP 8602 15-May-2000
To UP 2934 26-Sep-2003
To Utah Southern Jul 2010
Rebuilt as SD38-2 WRIX 35022, at Potash Corp mine, Rocanville, SK
DRGW 5412Mar-1980(SP Era)786264-15Repainted to SP1
Retired by UP 28-Nov-2001
To Pac. Harbor Lines PHL 50 30-Oct-2002
DRGW 5413Mar-198019-Dec-2001786264-16Retired by UP 28-Oct-2001
To LTEX 5413 in 2001
To ABCR 5413 28-Oct-2001
To Wheeling & Lake Erie 5413 Oct-2003


1 - Many Rio Grande SD40T-2s were repainted in Southern Pacific's grey/red "Speed Lettering" scheme after the SP/D&RGW merger. However, all of these repaints retained their numbers and DRGW reporting marks (note small DRGW sublettering below the cab side numbers). Thanks to Norm Metcalf for reminding me of this.

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