The provision cars were 1880 baggage cars that were refurbished in Feb/Mar 1886 in order to hold equipment for private hunting/fishing charter trips. While built by the D&RG at Burnham Shops?, the cars were constructed with Billmeyer & Small? iron parts.

D&RG(W) Narrow Gauge Provision Cars
Rd NmbrsLenCapTypeBuilderBuiltNotes
52536'2"10tWoodD&RG1880Built as baggage #9
Scr 1888-1890
52636'2"10tWoodD&RG1880Built as baggage #10
Scrapped 1904
52736'2"10tWoodD&RG1880Built as baggage #18
To RGS cook car C-1 1890
Wrecked 1914, used as roadmaster's office at Rico
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