D&RG / D&RGW Kingsville Branch History

Kingsville Branch Facts
From: Kingsville Jct, UT
To: Farnsworth, UT
Miles (SG): 5
Built: 1917 (SG)
Abandoned: 1956

The Kingsville Branch diverged from the Hooper Branch at milepost 3.1, Kingsville Junction?. The D&RG constructed the initial two mile segment from the junction to Kingsville in 1917 to serve additional sugar factories and canneries. The line was extended another 1.6 miles to Farnsworth? at some point. LeMassena has the date down as 1937. Don Strack's UtahRails shows the D&RG constructing 1.6 miles of track for the Interstate Sugar Company in 1923, and then purchasing the line in their bankruptcy sale in 1930.

The whole branch was abandoned in 1956.

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