RGW / D&RG / D&RGW Hooper Branch History

Hooper Branch Facts
From: Hooper Jct, UT
To: Cox, UT
Miles (SG): 5
Built: 1905 (SG)
Abandoned: ~1973

The Hooper Branch was built by the Rio Grande Western in 1905 to serve canneries south of Ogden, UT?.1 The line was extended an additional mile to Cox, UT?, in 1917.

The Kingsville Branch was built off the Hooper Branch at milepost 3.1, Kingsville Junction?.

The beginning of the end came in 1952, when the last mile of the branch from Hooper to Cox was removed. The rest of the branch's removal is a bit of a mystery. Don Strack lists an ICC abandonment approval for the branch on 21 Nov 1958. 2 Yet the four miles from Hooper Jct. to Hooper continue to exist in D&RGW timetables up through System #1, and disappeared before System #2 in 1974.


1 Robert A. LeMassena, Rio Grande... to the Pacific! (Denver, CO: Sundance Publications, Ltd.) p115

2 ICC Finance Docket 20343

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