D&RGW EMD GP40-2 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToFrameNotes
DRGW 3094Apr-197219-May-20037360-01Patched UP 1353 on 19-May-2003
DRGW 3095Apr-197212-May-19977360-02Repainted UP 5347 12-May-1997
To UP 1447 11-Jul-2005
DRGW 3096Apr-197214-Mar-20057360-03Patched UP 1351 on 14-Mar-2005
DRGW 3097Apr-197230-Jul-20057360-04Patched UP 1352 on 30-Jul-2005
DRGW 3098Apr-197229-Oct-19997360-05Sent to Cycle Systems for scrapping 21-Mar-2001
DRGW 3099Apr-19723-Jun-19977360-06To UP 5254 on 3-Jun-1997
To UP 1354 on 9-Mar-2004
DRGW 3100Apr-197231-Jan-20067360-07Patched UP 1350 on 31-Jan-2006
Last DRGW GP40-2 in orig paint
DRGW 3101Apr-19729-Nov-20047360-08To UP 1448 on 9-Nov-2004
DRGW 3102Apr-19723-Jun-19977360-09To UP 5256 on 3-Jun-1997
DRGW 3103May-197219-Jan-20057360-10Patched UP 1356 on 19-Jan-2005
Full repaint late Apr-2006
DRGW 3104Apr-19721-Sep-20017360-11To UP 1355 on 1-Sep-2001
DRGW 3105Apr-19721-Sep-10057360-12Patched UP 1358 on 1-Sep-2005
DRGW 3106Dec-19727-Aug-199772715-01To UP 5260 on 7-Aug-1997
To UP 1360 26-Aug-2002
DRGW 3107Dec-197214-Oct-200072715-02To UP 5261 on 14-Oct-2000
To UP 1361 on 9-Aug-2002
DRGW 3108Dec-19726-Feb-198972715-03Wrecked near Pando, CO, 7-Feb-1989
Rebuilt as AEE 2
To KCS 4764
DRGW 3109Dec-197212-Aug-200572715-04Patched to UP 1364 on 12-Aug-2005
Nose light rmvd and repainted Oct-2006
DRGW 3110Dec-197211-Jan-200672715-05Patched to UP 1347 on 11-Jan-2006
DRGW 3111Dec-197211-Aug-200572715-06Patched to UP 1363 on 11-Aug-2005
Full repaint 21-Apr-2006
DRGW 3112Dec-197214-Jan-199872715-07To UP 5265 on 14-Jan-1998
To UP 1362 11-Apr-2002
DRGW 3113Dec-197223-Aug-200172715-08To UP 1365 on 23-Aug-2001
DRGW 3114Dec-1972Apr-200572715-09Repainted to UP 1367 during Apr-2005
DRGW 3115Dec-197230-Sep-199172715-10Rolled into S. Boulder Creek
DRGW 3116Sep-19741-Apr-200474635-01To UP 1342 on 1-Apr-2004
DRGW 3117Sep-197427-Oct-200574635-02Patched to UP 1368 on 27-Oct-2005
DRGW 3118Sep-197415-Sep-200574635-03Patched UP 1359 on 15-Sep-2005
DRGW 3119Sep-197419-Dec-200074635-04To UP 1370 on 19-Dec-2000
DRGW 3120Sep-197419-Aug-200274635-05Repainted UP 1343 19-Aug-2002
DRGW 3121Sep-197418-Dec-200574635-06Patched UP 1344 on 18-Dec-2005
DRGW 3122Sep-197424-May-199774635-07To UP 5245 on 24-May-1997
DRGW 3123Sep-197411-Aug-200174635-08To UP 1346 on 11-Aug-2001
DRGW 3124Sep-197416-Dec-199774635-09To UP 5247 on 16-Dec-1997
To UP 1345 on 5-Oct-2007
DRGW 3125Sep-197424-Sep-199874635-10Sold to VMV Paducah 1998
Currently being parted out
DRGW 3126Sep-197426-Apr-200574635-11Patched to UP 1348 on 26-Apr-2005
DRGW 3127Sep-197420-Oct-200174635-12To UP 1372 on 20-Oct-2001
DRGW 3128Dec-19745-May-200574735-01Patched UP 1349 on 5-May-2005
Full UP paint on ???
DRGW 3129Mar-198331-Oct-2005827038-01Patched to UP 1445 on 31-Oct-2005
DRGW 3130Mar-1983Mar-2003827038-02Repainted to UP 1446 Mar-2003
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