D&RG / D&RGW Crestone Branch History

Crestone Branch Facts
From: Crestone Jct, CO
To: Cottonwood, CO
Miles: 17.0
Built: 1901
Abdnd: 1929

The Crestone Branch was a 17 mile, narrow gauge spur built east from the Valley Line at Crestone Junction, CO, just north of Moffat. The route was constructed in 1901 by the Rio Grande Sangre de Cristo Railroad for the D&RG (and was absorbed into the D&RG in 1908). The primary source of traffic was a copper and precious metal mine located at Cottonwood. By 1923, the branch was operated no further than Crestone, CO, and the whole thing was was abandoned by 1929.

Much of the material for the Crestone Branch came from the removal of the original narrow gauge La Veta Pass route in Apr-May 1901. In particular, much of the rail was reused on the new branch and the turntable from the summit station at La Veta was reinstalled at Crestone.1

Crestone Branch Timetable Information

Crestone Branch Timetable

262.3Crestone Jct, COWConnection to Valley Line
279.1Cottonwood, CO End of track at 279.2

Timetable History

1901-1929Third Division Crestone Branch

1 The Railroad Telegrapher, Feb 1908, p. 320

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