The D&RG / D&RGW only owned two Class 93 / C-21 locomotives. Both were purchased used from the Crystal River Railroad in 1916. A third CRRR locomotive, CR 103, was also purchased. Somewhat larger, it became the only member of the C-25 class.

D&RG Class 93 Narrow Gauge 2-8-0
D&RG 430Baldwin93178721900Built as Crystal River RR 101
Acqd used in 1916 by D&RG as 430
Renumberd to DRGW 360 in 1924
D&RG 431Baldwin93177171900Built as Crystal River RR 102
Acqd used in 1916 by D&RG as 431
Renumberd to DRGW 361 in 1924
D&RGW C-21 Class Narrow Gauge 2-8-0
D&RGW 360BaldwinC-21178721900Renumberd from D&RG 430 in 1924
Scrapped Salida, 7-Aug-1950
D&RGW 361BaldwinC-21177171900Renumberd from D&RG 431 in 1924
Scrapped Pueblo, 15-Nov-1951
Other Class C-21 Resources
  • Images of C-21s in the Denver Public Library's Western History Collection.
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