D&RGW Baldwin VO660 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToSerialNotes
DRGW 66May-194123-Jan-196762496Traded to EMD on SD45s
DRGW 67Jul-1941Apr-196662501See Note 1
DRGW 68Jul-1941Jun-195362502To D&RGW Slug 25, 1953
DRGW 69Aug-1941Apr-196664183See Note 1
DRGW 70Aug-194123-Jan-196764184Traded to EMD on SD45s
DRGW 71Aug-19415-Nov-196464185See Note 1
DRGW 72Aug-194123-Jan-196764186Traded to EMD on SD45s
DRGW 73Aug-194123-Jan-196764187Had dual gauge cplrs for Alamosa
Traded to EMD on SD45s
DRGW 74Aug-194123-Jan-196764188Traded to EMD on SD45s

1 Don Strack notes that these units were scrapped at Barter Machinery & Supply Co in Denver, CO

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