D&RG / D&RGW Loma Branch History

Loma Branch Facts
From: Walsenburg, CO
To: Alamo Mine 1, CO
Miles: 17.9
Built: 1888 (SG)
Abdn: 1968

The Loma Branch of the D&RG/D&RGW was built in many stages over the years as coal mining moved progressively further northwest from Walsenburg. The original standard gauge line was built from Walsenburg to Pictou in 1888, extended to just past Turner in 1904, to Tioga in 1907 and to the Alamo mines in 1927. The line steadily shrunk backwards, being scrapped back to Kebler by 1947, Calumet No. 2 by 1963, with the last stretch between Pictou and Walsenburg being scrapped in 1968.

Loma Branch Timetable Information

Loma Branch Timetable

176.0Walsenburg, CO Connection to La Veta Pass
180.0Pacific 28 car siding
184.7Calumet No. 2  
188.0Turner 34 car siding
188.2Spanish Peaks  
189.3Tioga 30 car siding
193.0Alamo No. 2  
193.9Alamo No. 1  

Timetable History

1928-1947D&RGW Pueblo Division Timetables, Subdivision 8-C
1947-1961D&RGW Pueblo Division Timetables, Subdivision 8-A
1961-1968D&RGW Colorado Division 'A' Timetables, Subdivision 8-A
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