D&RG / D&RGW La Madera Branch History

La Madera Branch Facts
From: Taos Jct, NM
To: La Madera, NM
Miles: 16.7
Built: ????
Abdnd: 1932

The La Madera Branch was constructed in 1914 to connect the Hallack & Howard Lumber Company's La Madera operation with the Santa Fe Branch. H&H had a network of logging lines extending out from La Madera, in addition to having a sawmill, planing mill, and box plant at La Madera. Lumber harvesting wrapped up around 1927, and the branch was subsequently abandoned five years later, in 1932.

La Madera Branch Timetable Information

La Madera Branch Timetable

336.5Taos Jct, NMDWYGConnection to Santa Fe Branch
Named Caliente until 1915
348.8Ojo Caliente  
353.2La Madera, NM  

Timetable History

????-1923D&RG Fourth Division, La Madera Branch
1923-1932D&RGW Alamosa Division Timetables, Subdivision 11-B
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