The Trinchera Estate Railroad was a 3 foot, narrow gauge road. They operated two branches, both around the La Veta Pass line and both connecting with the Denver & Rio Grande.

Their first line was the old Placer Spur that travelled northeast from Russell, CO, on the old narrow gauge La Veta Pass route. The TERR purchased the branch when the D&RG was trying to abandon the old narrow gauge route in the early 1900s. Most put the purchase date between 1902 and 1904. There is debate on whether the TERR ever ran any trains over the branch after purchase, but the rails came out somewhere between 1905 and 1917.

Their second line was a logging spur running south from the D&RG's standard gauge La Veta Pass route near Carr, CO. Built in 1912, the branch only lasted six years until the area was timbered out.

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