Savage Bingham & Garfield Railroad Background

The Savage Bingham & Garfield Railroad does not yet exist, but was approved to purchase a number of ex-DRGW branches around Salt Lake City on 15-Mar-2007. Notably, these include:

  • The Garfield Branch
  • Rights on the Bingham Industrial Lead (what's left of the Bingham Branch, now owned by Utah Transit Authority for future light rail use with the Mid-Jordan expansion).
  • The Bacchus Spur
  • Various connecting trackage around Midvale
  • Presumably also trackage rights over the UP from Midvale to Roper, as the initial STB application indicates that the two roads will interchange at Roper Yard, though these rights are never explicitly stated anywhere.

Documents from the STB process:
STB Docket 35002 Application for Acquisition and Operation
STB Docket 35002 - Decision (approval)

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