D&RGW Orem Branch History

Orem Branch Facts
From: Provo Junction, UT
To: Orem, UT
Miles (SG): 6.2
Built: 1914 (SG)
D&RGW Bought: 1946 (SG)
Abnd: 1971

Orem Branch History

The Orem Branch was originally built as part of the Salt Lake & Utah Railroad electric interurban system in 1914. When the SL&U went bankrupt and was abandoned in 1946, the D&RGW purchased the 6.2 miles between Provo Junction (on the mainline just north of Provo) and Orem, UT?. The arrangement was approved by the ICC on 24 Oct 1946.1

The branch was abandoned, along with the Provo Canyon Branch, in 1970-71.

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