Miscellaneous Paper includes pretty much everything that doesn't have enough material or demand for its own category. Included in this are train order forms, tariff tables, operators manuals, and just other bizarre bits of paper.

D&RG(W) Maps
ItemDate RangeDate Posted
Old D&RG(W) System Maps1871-4-Nov-2006
D&RGW Operating Forms
ItemDate RangeDate Posted
D&RGW Form 3250 Train Orders1953-197929-Oct-2002
D&RGW Form 3756 Bill of Lading1941-???9-Jul-2006
D&RGW Form 3574 Locomotive Inspection Reports 30-Nov-2009
D&RGW Rule Books
ItemDate RangeDate Posted
D&RG Rule Book 1-Jan-18911-Jan-18919-Jul-2006
D&RGW 1965 Rule Book19658-Dec-2007
D&RGW 1979 Rule Book19792009
D&RGW Green Light Magazine
ItemDate RangeDate Posted
Green Light Vol. 31 No. 7 - Centennial IssueOct-197111-Jun-2001
Green Light Vol. 33 No. 7Oct-19729-Jul-2006
D&RGW Tariff Tables
ItemDate RangeDate Posted
Interdivision and Joint Passenger Tariffs 498-C1-Nov-195217-Feb-2001
Miscellaneous Documents
ItemDate RangeDate Posted
D&RGW Form 120 Meal Order Ticket---9-Jul-2006
D&RGW Teletype Message System ManualSep-196730-Jun-2001
DRGW/RGS Official Roster No. 111-Apr-19234-Apr-2002
DRGW Dispatcher's Manual1-Apr-198022-Apr-2007
D&RGW 168 Presentation Ceremony Program1-Aug-19385-May-2007
D&RGW Standard PlansUpdated 198311-Apr-2011
Rio Grande Junction Paper
ItemDate RangeDate Posted
RGJ Clearance Tickets19189-Jul-2006
Ski Train Paper
ItemDate RangeDate Posted
Ski Train Pass. Tickets20059-Jul-2006
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