D&RG / D&RGW Graham Park Branch History

Graham Park Branch Facts
From: Graham Park Junction, CO
To: Wolftone Mine / North Moyer
Miles: ~4.5
Built: 1898 (NG)
To 3-Rail: 1913
To SG: 1917
Abnd: 1944

The Graham Park Branch was originally constructed as a two mile narrow gauge branch, connecting the Wolftone Mine with the D&RG's Chrysolite Extension at Graham Park Junction, CO. The line was later extended from Wolftone Junction (about a mile from the Wolftone Mine) to North Moyer, located on the north side of California Gulch.

The section from Graham Park Junction to Wolftone Junction was converted to dual-gauge track in 1913, and the whole branch standard gauged in 1917. The branch and all of its spurs were removed in 1941.

Graham Park Branch Map

At some point in the future, there'll be a map here.

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