D&RGW Goshen Valley Branch History

Goshen Valley Branch Facts
From: Pearl, UT
To: Dividend, UT
Miles (SG): ~9
Built: 1918 (SG)

Goshen Valley Branch History

The Goshen Valley Branch actually started as the Goshen Valley Railroad. The line, built between 1918 and 1920, connected the Tintic Branch at Pearl to the Tintic Standard Mining Company at Dividend, UT. Later, a spur was constructed off the Goshen Valley Railroad from Flora to the Iron King Mine.

The Goshen Valley Railroad became the Goshen Valley Branch of the D&RGW in 1927. It lasted this way until 1966-1967, when the Flora-Dividend segment was removed. At the same time, the Tintic Branch geographically west of where the Goshen branch connected was also abandoned. At that point, the entire line, end to end, became the Tintic Branch. The Goshen Valley Branch ceased to exist as of D&RGW Utah Division ETT #7, dated 1-Jun-1967.

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