Carbon Junction, CO

Carbon Junction, located a few miles south of Durango, marked the connection between the San Juan Extension mainline and the Farmington Branch.

Wreck of 1958 and Downhill Double-heading

On 26 Sep 1958, D&RGW 483 and 494 were doubleheading downhill into Carbon Junction when a derailment occurred, killing fireman Paul Mayer.1

As a result of that wreck, rule 17-N was added to the Colorado Division timetable:
Rule 17-N. Trains must not be doubleheaded on descending grade movements Cumbres to Alamosa, Cumbres to Chama, Chama to Gato and MP 443 (near Falfa) to Carbon Jct, except that in snow service trains may be doubleheaded when authorized.

Maps and Photos

Photos from Carbon Junction

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