Note: This Carbon County Railway should not be confused with the original, which was founded in 1899 to build both the Sunnyside Branch and the Clear Creek Mine extension of the Pleasant Valley Branch.

The second Carbon County Railway, organized in 1922 by Utah Coal & Coke / Columbia Steel, stretched southward from Columbia Junction, near East Carbon, UT, on the Sunnyside Branch, to mines at Columbia, 4.8 miles away. The line was extended by approximately six miles during early World War II (1942-1944) to reach the new Geneva Mine, at the mouth of Horse Canyon. This mine was slated to produce the coal and coke necessary for the new Geneva steel mill in Geneva, UT.

The road's shops and offices were loaded in East Carbon, near the junction with the D&RG/D&RGW. The Columbia mine closed on 31-May-1967, but the Geneva mine continued production until 1982, when it, too, was closed.

The track, idle for some 27 years, was removed in late July / early August 2008.

For more information on the Carbon County Railway, see Don Strack's writings on the subject.

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