D&RG / D&RGW Fryer Hill Branch History

California Gulch Branch Facts
From: Oro Junction, CO
To: Oro, CO
Miles: ~3
Built: 1883 (NG)
To 3R: 1890
Abnd: 1941

The California Gulch Branch built from Oro Junction, on the Leadville Branch just past the Arkansas Valley Smelter, westward along bottom of the north side of California Gulch. Built as approximately three miles of narrow gauge in 1883, the branch connected the A.Y.-Minnie Mine complex at Oro, CO, with the smelter. The branch was converted to standard gauge in 1890, coinciding with the conversion of the Tennessee Pass line. The route was abandoned in 1941 with the closure of the mines.

California Gulch Branch Map

At some point in the future, there'll be a map here.

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