Alamosa, CO

2007 Crossing Replacement

In 2007, the Ross St., State St., and US 285 railroad crossings in Alamosa were replaced and the signaling was upgraded to automatic grade crossing signals and four-quadrant gates as part of the upgrades to US Highway 160. The laws governing Federally-funded highway projects require that any railroad grade crossing safety equipment in close proximity to the construction be upgraded as required by both road and rail traffic. In this case, due to the close proximity between the railroad and the new eastbound US 160 lanes (6th Street), it was required to install grade crossing signals and interlock them with the traffic lights at the intersections between 6th Street and Ross & State Streets, as well as at 6th and US 285.

As part of the project, it was also proposed that the Hunt Street crossing be closed. This matter is still outstanding, and for now, the crossing is still open.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission decision on the grade crossing signal upgrades can be found as decision C06-1464.

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