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  Trip Report: Helper, Utah - Chapter 7
  The Georgetown Loop and More
Sat-Sun, 21,22-Sep-2002
  From: Helper, Utah Dates: Labor Day Weekend Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 86
Sitting for a moment and getting ready for the 4 mile, 3.5 percent climb to Silver Plume
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Photo 87
Georgetown Loop 40, an oil-burning Baldwin 3-foot 2-8-0, blasts up the lead at Devils Gate, CO
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   7 - The Georgetown Loop and More
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Photo 88
Backing across the Devil's Gate Viaduct in the early morning light on Sunday, 22-Sep-2002
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Photo 89
A better shot of the viaduct with train - this is a downbound, pulling into the Devil's Gate station.
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Photo 90
Backing through the platform area early Sunday morning
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Photo 91
On our way up, across the viaduct. The viaduct is a reproduction of the original, this one completed in 1984.
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Photo 92
Fall in the Rockies, narrow gauge style.
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Photo 93
After arriving at Silver Plume, the power is run around the train for the backing trip down the hill
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Photo 94
The GL's big maintanence shop at Silver Plume
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Photo 95
Just a shot down the north side of the Silver Plume yard
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Photo 96
One of the Georgetown Loop's diesels - number 140. It and 130 were acquired from the US Gypsum operation in southern California. USG is now using ex-WP&YR DL535Ws.
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Photo 97
140's sister GE, 130, sitting in the Silver Plume yard.
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Photo 98
The track for the Hall Tunnel yard.
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Photo 99
One of the cars in the Hall Tunnel yard - DRGW 3582, a narrow gauge boxcar
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Photo 100
Heading back down the steepest part of the railroad (4 percent), near Hall Tunnel
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