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  Trip Report: Helper, Utah - Chapter 6
  Extra Helper Trip Photos
Labor Day Weekend
  From: Helper, Utah Dates: Labor Day Weekend Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 62
Just another shot of the four at MP 607 on Friday
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Photo 63
Heading away from MP 607 with empty trash cars
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Photo 64
The four arrive in Helper and prepare to tie down
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Photo 65
5349 sits at the Summit after giving something a push
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Photo 66
Look at that air polution - aren't second generation units great helpers?
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Photo 67
The Dirt Train emerges from Wellington Canyon on Saturday morning.
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Photo 68
The four struggle up the Sunnyside Branch with a fairly large train of trash
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Photo 69
Just another gratuitous shot of the light power near Banning, from the US 6 bridge
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Photo 70
The four motors retake the main at West Mounds
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Photo 71
The returning power zips along the main near MP 606
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Photo 72
Awaiting the signal to enter the yard at Spring Glen, UT
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Photo 73
Love that D&RGW sign...
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Photo 74
The rear DPU on UP 6665 west, the train that stalled at Castle Gate
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Photo 75
Here's a better look at UP 5824 near Detour - love that flag scheme!
960x640 2160x1440

Photo 76
Very interesting road bridge plaques on the bridge at Dotsero - leftovers from the building of the Dotsero Cutoff.
960x640 2160x1440

Photo 77
Rail Ventures' Bella Vista on the back of Amtrak 5 at Dotsero, CO
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Photo 78
The cutoff is getting improved signalling, as evidenced by the ATCS antenna at Range, CO...
640x960 1440x2160

Photo 79
...and one of the new signal sets just down the line at MP 153.1
640x960 1440x2160

Photo 80
Approaching McCoy, more new signals appear
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Photo 81
Who would imagine an MP caboose in service on the Moffat in 2002, seen here at Bond, CO.
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Photo 82
An alternate view of Amtrak's eastbound Zephyr at Yarmony, just east of Bond.
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Photo 83
The tunnel near Inspiration Point.
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Photo 84
Amtrak 80 and train kick up dust into Fraser. Couldn't resist, I liked this photo.
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Photo 85
Four tunnel motors, working hard in the Utah desert. I'm going to miss them when they're gone.
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