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  Trip Report: Helper, Utah - Chapter 2
  More Montrose Local
Friday, 30-Aug-2002
  From: Helper, Utah Dates: Labor Day Weekend Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 14
Help! I think work's following me!

Photo 15
Leaving Grand Junction in the early morning light.
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Photo 16
Another shot from the curve at Whitewater, CO
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Photo 17
Another shot approaching Bridgeport
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Photo 18
Moving along the Gunnison River deep in Dominguez Canyon
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Photo 19
From high on a cliff in Dominguez Canyon, you'd almost think this was taken in Southern California!
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Photo 20
My source of amusement while waiting in Dominguez for 3097 and train to get out of Bridgeport
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Photo 21
Heading on down Dominguez Canyon.
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Photo 22
Coming down the straightaway approaching the bridge over Seep Creek.
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Photo 23
Pulling through Roubideau, with nobody to meet
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Photo 24
Could you really cover the Montrose local without a shot of them switching the elevator in Delta?
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Photo 25
Elevator work completed, the crew sets out cars they don't need for the trip to Montrose
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Photo 26
Headed down the Montrose Industrial Lead (branch) near Olathe.
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Photo 27
Video clip taken of DRGW 3097 rounding a bend near Chipeta
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Photo 28
Well, the Montrose Branch sure isn't a mainline - look at those weeds near Frost!
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Photo 29
Heading on down the line with the mighty San Juans visible in the background
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Photo 30
Spotting cars near the station end of the yard in Montrose
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Photo 31
Switching out empties for loads at the Montrose yard.
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