D&RGW EMD SW1200 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToFrameSerialNotes
DRGW 130Dec-196419954475-130016Wrecked, retired
See Note 2
To RLIX 230
DRGW 131Jan-196519934475-??30017Wrecked Denver, Oct-1993
See Note 3
DRGW 132Jan-196519964475-??30018Wrecked Roper, 24-Apr-1996
DRGW 133Jan-196519984475-??30019To Diesel Supply Co Jul-1998
To Frmrs Elev., Beresford, SD, Oct 19981
DRGW 134Jan-196515-Jul-19974475-530020To Diesel Supply Co
To Manufacturer's Railway (MRS)
Sold to elevator, Saginaw, TX
DRGW 135Jan-196519954475-630024To Omnitrax 1995
To Northland Farm Coop, Rake, IA
DRGW 136Jan-196519964475-??30025Retired 1996
To Untd Farmers Coop 136, Murdock, MN
DRGW 137Jan-196519954475-??30026To Progress Rail 1995
Possibly to MBCX 303
DRGW 138Jan-196519954475-??30027To Manufacturer's Railway (MRS)
To RailLink (RLIX) 238
DRGW 139Jan-196519984475-1030028To DJPX 139 Jul-1998

1 Dispositions per Don Strack's findings. He has an amazing talent for tracking down the disposition of switchers.
2 DRGW 130 was the power unit mated with D&RGW slug 25 at Grand Junction between 1996-1971
3 DRGW 131 was assigned to Alamosa and had a dual-gauge coupler from 1966-1970
4 The SW1200s did not have MU capabilities.

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