D&RGW EMD SW1000 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToFrameSerialNotes
DRGW 140Sep-19665-Oct-19954501-132175Retired by UP 5-Oct-1995
DRGW 141Sep-196614-Jul-19984501-232176Retired by UP 14-Jul-1998
Scrapped 1999ish at Waycross, GA
DRGW 142Sep-196614-Jul-19984501-332177Retired by UP 14-Jul-1998
To KURX 915
To LTEX 1002 mid-2006
DRGW 143Oct-19663-Oct-19914501-432178Retired by SP 3-Oct-1991
To Omnitrax 1995
To Camas Prairie (CSP) 143
DRGW 144Oct-196614-Jul-19984501-532179Retired by UP 14-Jul-1998
Worked GE Council Bluffs, IA, shop 1999-???
To LTEX 1001
DRGW 145Oct-19663-Oct-19914501-632180Retired by SP 3-Oct-1991
To Omnitrax 1995
DRGW 146Dec-1966Nov-19944501-732313Retired by SP Nov-1994
To Progress Rail May 1995
To KYLE 1125 in 1998
DRGW 147Apr-19685-Oct-19954538-??33915Retired by UP 5-Oct-1995
To Progress Rail in 1995
DRGW 148May-1968Nov-19944538-??33916Retired by SP Nov-1994
To Progress Rail in 1995
DRGW 149May-1968Feb-19954538-??33917Retired by SP Feb-1995
To Progress Rail in 1995

1 Dispositions per Don Strack's findings. He has an amazing talent for tracking down the disposition of switchers.
2 140-146 were assigned to the Denver area, and 147-149 were assigned to the Salt Lake area

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