D&RGW EMD SD9 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToSerialNotes
DRGW 5305Jul-1957Dec-199222808Wrecked at Pueblo 26-Apr-1972
Rebuilt to short nose Sep-1972
Assigned GJ hump duty after 1972
To NWP 5305 on 1996
To OMLX 5305
To CRRX 5305 Jun-2003
DRGW 5306Jul-1957Nov-199122809Sold to NRE, scrapped
DRGW 5307Jul-1957Nov-199122810Sold to NRE, scrapped
DRGW 5308Jul-1957Nov-199122811Sold to NRE, scrapped
DRGW 5309Jul-1957Nov-199122812Sold to NRE, scrapped
DRGW 5310Jul-1957Nov-199122813See Note 1
Sold to NRE, scrapped
DRGW 5311Jul-1957Nov-199122814Sold to NRE, scrapped
DRGW 5312Jul-1957Nov-199122815Sold to NRE, scrapped
DRGW 5313Jul-1957Nov-199122816Sold to NRE, scrapped
DRGW 5314Jul-1957Nov-199122817Sold to NRE, scrapped

Note 1: DRGW 5310 has an unusual headlight arrangement, where the gyralight remains in a vertical orientation on the nose, whereas the main headlights were moved up and mounted horizontally on the top of the short hood. From James Belmont, via the D&RGW list on 25-Apr-2006: "In 1984, the 5310 was involved in a nasty traffic accident working the Midvale Tramp at 6200 South and 4800 West in the Salt Lake Valley. Soon after the accident, the 5310 was equipped with this lighting setup for better grade crossing visibility."

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