D&RGW EMD SD50 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToFrameNotes
DRGW 55011-Aug-19846-Nov-2001847022-01To UP 5095 on 6-Nov-2001
To UP 9845 on 5-Aug-2002
"Baby wings" UP repaint
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 55021-Aug-198427-Jul-2001847022-02To UP 5096 on 27-Jul-2001
To UP 9846 on 12-Jun-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5503Sep-198413-Apr-2005847022-03Repainted UP 9849 on 13-Apr-2005
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5504Sep-1984(SP Era)847022-04Painted SP 5504 during SP Era
To UP 5098 on 23-Jun-2001
Patched UP 9847 22-Jun-2002
Full repaint Mar-2005
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5505Sep-198418-Nov-2000847022-05Repainted UP 5099 18-Nov-2000
To UP 9848 on 29-May-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5506Sep-19844-Sep-2001847022-06To UP 5100 on 4-Sep-2001
To UP 9850 on 26-Sep-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5507Sep-198430-Aug-2005847022-07Last D&RGW SD50 in full paint
Patched to UP 9851 30-Aug-2005
Full repaint by late 2006
Retired 15-Jun-2007
To SW 9851
Destroyed in head-on collision near Roswell, NM, on 28 Apr 2015
DRGW 5508Sep-19842-Aug-2001847022-08To UP 5102 on 2-Aug-2001
To UP 9852 on 30-Aug-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5509Sep-198429-Dec-2000847022-09To UP 5103 on 29-Dec-2000
To UP 9853 on 31-Jul-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5510Sep-1984(SP Era)847022-10To SP 5510 during SP Era
To UP 5104 on 30-Apr-1998
To UP 9854 on 24-Jul-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5511Sep-1984(SP Era)847022-11To SP 5511 during SP Era
To UP 5105 on 11-Dec-2001
To UP 9855 on 15-Aug-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5512Sep-198418-Feb-1998847022-12To UP 5106 on 18-Feb-1998
To UP 9856 on 26-Jul-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5513Sep-1984(SP Era)847022-13To SP 5513 during SP Era
To UP 5107 on 11-Oct-2001
To UP 9857 on 25-Jul-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5514Sep-19841-May-1994847022-14Painted SP 5514 1-May-1994
To UP 5108 on 10-Sep-2001
To UP 9858 on 20-Sep-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5515Sep-19843-Oct-2001847022-15To UP 5109 on 3-Oct-2001
To UP 9859 on 18-Sep-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5516Sep-1984(SP Era)847022-16To SP 5516 during SP Era
To UP 5110 on 14-Nov-1997
To UP 9860 on 8-Aug-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
DRGW 5517Sep-1984(SP Era)847022-17To SP 5517 during SP Era
To UP 5111 on 5-Oct-2001
To UP 9861 on 18-Sep-2002
Retired 15-Jun-2007
To SW 9861
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