The Midland Terminal Railway

Motorcar 102 heads south towards Victor
and Cripple Creek at Divide in 1941.

The Midland Terminal Railway was chartered in 1893 to build a connection from the Colorado Midland Railway at Divide to the goldfields of Cripple Creek, CO?, and Victor, CO?.

Construction started at Divide during December of 1893, and rails reaching Victor in January 1895 and Cripple Creek in December 1895.

The railroad was built to standard gauge, but some sources indicate that it was originally to be narrow gauge and that the Santa Fe - who held an interest in the standard gauge Colorado Midland at the time - provided the guidance and financial assistance needed to build to standard gauge.

When the Colorado Midland was abandoned in 1921, the Midland Terminal assumed operations of the former CM mainline between Divide and Colorado Springs so that the MT wouldn't lose its connection to the national rail network.

The last revenue train operated on 20 Feb 1949. MT 59, a 2-8-0, ran from Colorado Springs to Bull Hill. There, they picked up MT 60 (another 2-8-0 that was used to switch the mining district) and 31 cars. With 60 on the front end and 59 cut in ahead of the caboose, they headed back to Colorado Springs. 1


Please see the Midland Terminal gallery for images of the MT.

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1 From an NGDF post by Ed Stabler, "CO, but NNG", 20 Feb 2012, 0740h MST

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