D&RG Class 383 / D&RGW Class M-78 Standard Gauge 4-8-2
D&RGW 1511Alco1378/M-78642881923Scrapped Mar-1952
D&RGW 1512Alco1378/M-78642891923Scrapped Feb-1955
D&RGW 1513Alco1378/M-78642901923Scrapped Nov-1953
D&RGW 1514Alco1378/M-78642911923Scrapped Apr-1952
D&RGW 1515Alco1378/M-78642921923Scrapped Apr-1952
D&RGW 1516Alco1378/M-78642931923Scrapped Jun-1954
D&RGW 1517Alco1378/M-78642941923Scrapped Sep-1953
D&RGW 1518Alco1378/M-78642951923Scrapped Jul-1954
D&RGW 1519Alco1378/M-78642961923Scrapped Oct-1955
D&RGW 1520Alco1378/M-78642971923Scrapped Jul-1952

1 Built by American Locomotive Company (Alco) - Brooks Works

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  • Images of M-78s in the Denver Public Library's Western History Collection.
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