D&RGW Class M-75 Standard Gauge 4-8-2
D&RGW 1600BaldwinM-75592401926Scrapped Apr-1949
D&RGW 1601BaldwinM-75592411926Scrapped Dec-1941
D&RGW 1602BaldwinM-75592421926Scrapped Sep-1949
D&RGW 1603BaldwinM-75592431926Scrapped Apr-1949
D&RGW 1604BaldwinM-75592441926Scrapped Mar-1948
D&RGW 1605BaldwinM-75592931926Scrapped Sep-1949
D&RGW 1606BaldwinM-75592941926Scrapped Jul-1949
D&RGW 1607BaldwinM-75592951926Scrapped Nov-1949
D&RGW 1608BaldwinM-75593361926Scrapped Jun-1948
D&RGW 1609BaldwinM-75593371926Scrapped Jun-1948
Other Class L-105 Resources
  • Images of M-75s in the Denver Public Library's Western History Collection.
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