D&RGW Class M-64 Standard Gauge 4-8-4
D&RGW 1700BaldwinM-64607121929Scrapped Jun-1956
D&RGW 1701BaldwinM-64607131929Scrapped Jun-1956
D&RGW 1702BaldwinM-64607141929Scrapped Jun-1954
D&RGW 1703BaldwinM-64607151929Scrapped Jan-1955
D&RGW 1704BaldwinM-64607161929Scrapped Feb-1955
D&RGW 1705BaldwinM-64607171929Scrapped Jun-1954
D&RGW 1706BaldwinM-64607181929Scrapped Jul-1952
D&RGW 1707BaldwinM-64607191929Scrapped Jun-1950
D&RGW 1708BaldwinM-64607201929Scrapped Jun-1950
D&RGW 1709BaldwinM-64607211929Scrapped Jun-1956
D&RGW 1710BaldwinM-64609201929Scrapped Mar-1955
D&RGW 1711BaldwinM-64609211929Scrapped Sep-1952
D&RGW 1712BaldwinM-64609221929Scrapped Jan-1955
D&RGW 1713BaldwinM-64609231929Scrapped Oct-1955
D&RGW Class M-64 Notes

The first ten M-64s were actually ordered from Alco, patterned after the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western's 4-8-4s and including Alco's newly-offered single-piece cylinder and frame casting. However, Alco was overbooked with orders at the time, so they subcontracted construction to Baldwin. The D&RGW was not pleased, and consequently Alco purchased the engines and leased them back to the D&RGW, with the terms that they could be returned in five years if the railroad was not happy. Also as a part of this deal, the final four (1710-1713) were acquired under the same terms. Clearly the railroad grew to like them, as they kept them through the end of steam. (From Robert Schaefer's "D&RGW 4-8-4 Westerns" in "The Prospector", Volume 2 Number 2.)

Other Class M-64 Resources
  • Images of M-64s in the Denver Public Library's Western History Collection.
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