D&RGW EMD GP9 Roster
Unit NumberBuiltToSerialNotes
DRGW 5901Apr-195520-Feb-197220515Traded to EMD
DRGW 5902Apr-195525-Apr-198420516To KYLE 5902 on Jun-1984
To AUNW 22 on Feb-1987
DRGW 5903Apr-19553-Oct-199120517To SO 200 on Feb-1992
DRGW 5904Apr-19553-Oct-199120518To SO 201 on Feb-1992
To NREX 201 on 1994
Leased to DGNO around 1994
To MRCX 201 on 1996
Elevator switcher, Carrollton, MO
DRGW 5911May-1955Jun-198420519To KYLE 5911 on Jul-1984
To AUNW 33 on Mar-1987
Rebuilt as slug MNA 4163
DRGW 5912May-1955Oct-199120520Sold to NREX
DRGW 5913May-1955Oct-199120521Sold to NREX
DRGW 5914May-1955Jun-198420522To KYLE 5914 on Jul-1984
To Loram 401 on Unknown
To Loram DC-1 on Unknown
DRGW 5921Jun-195510-Apr-198420523To KYLE 5921 on Jul-1984
To SDIV 5911 on Dec-1986
To SDIY 5911 2000, CZRY 5911 2002
To RLIX 5911
DRGW 5922Jun-19553-Oct-199120524To SO 202 on Feb-1992
To NREX 202 on 1994
Leased to DGNO around 1994
DRGW 5923Jun-1955Jan-197720525To UPLX on Jan-1977
DRGW 5924Jun-19553-Oct-199120526To SO 205 on Feb-1992
To NREX 205 on 1994
Leased to DGNO around 1994
To MRCX 205 on 1996
DRGW 5931Jun-19563-Oct-199122068Sold to NREX
DRGW 5932Jun-195610-Apr-198422069To KYLE 5932 on Jul-1984
To AUNW 55 on May-1987
Frame used on MPEX 1501
DRGW 5933Jun-195610-May-197722070Wrecked 15-Jul-1975 Crater, CO
To ICG 7800 on 12-Jul-1977
Scrapped 26-May-1993
DRGW 5934Jun-19563-Oct-199122071Sold to NREX
DRGW 5941Jun-19563-Oct-199122072To SO 204 on Feb-1992
To TNOR 204 on 1994
DRGW 5942Jun-19563-Oct-199122073Wrecked 16-Sep-1969 Maysville, CO
To SO 203 on Feb-1992
To TNOR 203 on 1994
DRGW 5943Jun-19564-Oct-199122074Wrecked 16-Sep-1969 Maysville, CO
Wrecked 19-Apr-1976 SLC, UT
To ICG 8323 (GP10) 8-Nov-1977
To Meridian & Bigbee 109
To ATW 109
DRGW 5944Jun-195620-Jun-198422075To KYLE 5944 on Jul-1984
To AUNW 44 on Apr-1987
To WPRR 1802
Wrecked 4-Aug-2004, scrapped
DRGW 5951Jun-19563-Oct-199122076
DRGW 5952Jun-195610-Apr-198422077To KYLE 5952 on Jul-1984
To AUNW 11 on Jan-1987
Rebuilt as slug MNA 4164
DRGW 5953Jun-19563-Oct-199122078To NRE, Silvis, IL 1993
DRGW 5954Jun-19563-Oct-199122079To NRE
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